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Free Tarot Reading Online: 3 Unique Ways To Get Answers Now

Are you looking for answers on some of your most perplexing questions to your current situation?

Presented by Originated Media March 3, 2023

Are you looking for answers on some of your most perplexing questions to your current situation? 

Venturing into the world of psychics and tarot cards is a lot of fun, but it can also be slightly frightening to the inexperienced in some ways.

If you’re looking to find a free online tarot reading (that you can actually trust), this is the article for you.

We’ll give you our in-depth review of these psychic advisor services to start before explaining what our methodology is and how you can keep yourself safe and free from potentially unreputable sources.

3 Best Tarot Reading Services

  1. Kasamba: Most Accurate 

  2. Keen: Most Experienced

  3. Mystic Sense: Most Minutes for Free Tarot Readings 

Are There Really Free Online Tarot Sites?

There are plenty of sites that offer partially free readings so that you can take the time to get to know your reader before committing to any kind of payment.

Kasamba, Keen, and Mystic Sense — the three options we’ll be looking at today — are online tarot card reading services that offer free minutes so that you can decide if their particular psychic or tarot reader is worth it for you.

However, it is worth noting that auto-generated tarot readers may not be the best option, as this is similar to reading the cards yourself, which is not recommended. A good reading will help the person see what the cards are saying while limiting personal interpretive bias (because bias is a form of tunnel vision, and a good reading should help break you of that). 

If you read your own tarot or use a computer-generated reader, it is going to be much harder for you to take an objective look at what the cards are trying to say, which is why a guide is useful.

Our Top Online Tarot Sites

While not entirely free, these online tarot sites offer free minutes so that you can decide for yourself if a full reading is worth it — or maybe you’ll get your answer that fast!

1. Kasamba: Most Accurate

What we like about Kasamba

You don’t want to feel like your time is being wasted when you take part in a tarot card reading. A tarot deck needs to speak to individuals, and psychic services need to provide some kind of spiritual fulfillment. 

This is one of the reasons why our team likes Kasamba so much, as they have millions of happy customers praising the company for their accurate, personalized readings.

One of the ways that Kasama guarantees quality psychics is that they provide each user with three free reading minutes each time a user tries a new psychic advisor. If you’re not feeling good about your free reading, you can easily move on to a new advisor. 

And what’s even better, they have many different online psychics from all around the world, offering various different cultural and language backgrounds as well as different psychic expertise.

If you are not satisfied with your psychic or tarot reading for any reason, Kasamba can offer you a refund.

Don’t think that a free tarot card reading and a stellar refund policy on your psychic readings are all that Kasamba has to offer. As well as having psychics and spiritual advisors from all over the world, Kasamba boasts over 20 different categories of readings, from love to career advice. Whatever uncertainties you may have in your life, Kasamba can provide you with an advisor to help you work through your specific concerns.

Psychic advisors are available around the clock, payments are completely secure and safe, and all of your readings are 100% anonymous and private. Kasamba has been in the tarot reading and psychic business for over 20 years, which is why we believe it is one of the best options for a tarot reading or psychic advising.


  • Over 20 years of experience bringing psychic and spiritual advice to millions of customers
  • Advisors are all over the world with a large variety of cultural, lingual, and professional backgrounds
  • 3 minutes free reading for each new advisor and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your first reading
  • Anonymous and private psychic readings with secure, safe payment options


  • Each psychic charges a different rate, so prices are inconsistent (but you can choose which one you’re comfortable paying!)

What customers love

From discussions of love lives to career goals and even dealing with past traumas, customers praise Kasamba psychics for identifying their specific concerns and various factors in their life that only the customer and people closest to the customer would know. 

Occasionally a psychic just doesn’t work out with a customer, but customers who have experienced this also praise the customer service team of Kasamba, noting that they are helpful, prompt in answering, and willing to provide refunds if a person’s experience wasn’t 100% satisfying.

Get your free minutes for Kasamba here

2. Keen: Most Experienced

What we like about Keen

Understanding a tarot deck takes time and practice, like any psychic endeavor. For this reason, you are going to want to find a company that has several years of experience. This is what Keen offers to its clients. With over 20 years of experience in the world of tarot cards and psychic readings, you can be sure that Keen has worked out how to deliver the best readings to its clients.

From the comfort and privacy of your own home, Keen can connect you over the phone or on the web to a number of reputable psychic advisors with a number of backgrounds. 

Keen not only offers tarot deck, psychic, and medium readings through the phone, website chat, or email, but they also have a convenient app that is available on Android and iOS systems. They also have different decks to choose from, from Major Arcana to Minor Arcana.

Keen’s advisors are able to provide you with advice and support in a multitude of life situations. Whether you are dealing with issues of love, career, grief, or simple uncertainty of the future, there is a psychic or tarot expert waiting to hear from you through one of Keen’s various means of communication. 

Keen’s website also offers a number of free articles and horoscopes, so even if you aren’t ready to commit to an advisor, Keen can still be a great resource as you explore your options for spiritual guidance.

Keen offers three free minutes so that you can get to know your advisor without fear of wasting your money. Even after any trial offers, some of Keen’s top psychic advisors are still incredibly affordable when compared to similar companies. 

Keen also offers a handy quiz to help match you with the best possible psychic experience, so there is no reason not to at least take a look at this company if spiritual advice is something you’re seeking. 

Even after all of this, if you are not satisfied with your psychic or tarot advisor, Keen can offer you a refund for your reading up to the full amount.


  • Some of the most highly rated psychics on Keen come at very affordable prices
  • Keen has over 20 years of experience gathering experienced, powerful psychics onto one platform
  • There are a multitude of ways to contact the psychic advisors on
  • A simple quiz can get you matched with psychics from a plethora of backgrounds for a very personal reading experience


  • If you do request a refund, some refunds can take as long as 30 days

What customers love

Many customers have talked about how Keen helped them work through the dark times in their lives, offering advice in breakups, new relationships, changing careers, and times of great grief. 

Many customers praise the psychics and tarot readers for being empathetic, professional, and experts in their fields. In the rare circumstances where a psychic does not offer what the client needs, Keen has been praised by customers for being prompt with correspondence while also being quick and transparent with refunds. 

Customers also praise the diversity of Keen’s advisors, with many clients returning at different points in their lives when they need support on different topics.

See if Keen’s psychic readings are right for you

3. Mystic Sense: Most Minutes for Free Tarot Readings

What we like about Mystic Sense

Can you trust that a company that offers a free tarot reading will also provide hand-picked, properly vetted advisors? If you are using Mystic Sense, that is exactly what you can expect. 

Whether you want to know what the cards have to say about your current situation, what you can expect from your astrological sign, or you are looking for some spiritual guidance in your professional or love life, Mystic Sense will provide you with some of the best in the industry.

Mystic Sense doesn’t let just anyone claiming to have a psychic gift on their platform. All psychics undergo a rigorous testing process and are held to strict, high standards. 

With that said, this doesn’t mean that you won’t find a diverse selection of experts in various spiritual fields on Mystic Sense. From empaths to clairvoyants, Mystic Sense has an expert advisor for just about anything life may throw at one of its customers.

To make absolutely sure you are happy with your psychic advisor, Mystic Sense offers 10 free minutes with new advisors to make absolutely sure the psychic you have chosen is right for your personal needs. 

If a free tarot reading is what you are looking for, Mystic Sense offers more minutes than most of its competitors. Even with this incredibly generous offer, Mystic Sense is still happy to provide a refund for your reading if you are not satisfied with your psychic.

Different advisors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Mystic Sense understands that different people will work best with different means of communication, which is why they offer readings via the phone, SMS, web chat, or video call. They also have different decks, including both Minor and Major Arcana.

Whatever method and whatever time works best for you, you can find a spiritual advisor that can provide you with spiritual guidance and support. 

Mystic Sense also understands that there may be different time needs, so they assure customers that readings can be as long or brief as you need them to be. The reading is about your personal needs and is tailored to you.


  • Expert, rigorously examined psychics are available 24/7
  • Mystic Sense allows you to contact your advisor by whatever means works best for you
  • Mystic Sense offers more free tarot reading minutes than most other comparable services
  • Psychics have been curated to provide a wide range of expertise in different fields


  • Mystic Sense does not have its own app

What customers love

Customers commonly praise how easy and convenient Mystic Sense is, not only in the various ways they offer readings but also in the ease of use on the website itself. 

Customers claim that they rarely have a bad psychic experience, if ever, with many customers giving glowing reviews for the accuracy and empathy of the psychics on the platform. 

However, customers have also praised the stellar customer service and quick refund policy for when an issue with a psychic has arisen. When it comes to the psychics, customers often use words like ‘patience’, ‘expertise’, and ‘kindness’, with many customers saying that they have returned to the platform for different psychics with similar results across the board.

Learn more about Mystic Sense here

How We Picked Our Favorites

You may be wondering what metrics we used to assess these different psychic and tarot services. This is an incredibly fair thing to wonder and we are happy to answer for the sake of honesty and transparency. 

We found that there were four different criteria we could use that assisted us in uncovering which companies offered the best spiritual guidance.

Comparing the offerings of these websites to others

The first thing we wanted to assess was what kind of value the three companies we discussed had in comparison with similar companies. 

We cross-referenced various services offering readings in order to make sure that the services we discussed offered not only value but also quality and some degree of uniqueness to other brands.

Cross-referencing with our peers

We checked with other media peers that had expertise in this field to see what they were saying about different psychic reading brands. We wanted to make sure that the results we found were also found by other media outlets for the sake of accuracy.

Analyzing Customer Reviews

We wanted to know what real users of these tarot and psychic services were saying about the various brands that we discussed. 

While we looked at the testimonials featured on the websites we reviewed, we also took the time to analyze social media reviews and review sites to see what customers had to say, both positively and negatively.

Personal Experience

While readings are a very personal affair, we wanted to see for ourselves what these spiritual advisors were saying. 

Our team consulted with the advisors from the various websites to see for ourselves. 

We made sure team members used different methods of communication, from on-app and site chat to phone calls and emails.

Tarot Tips: How do you know if your reading is legitimate?

Everyone has different beliefs about the legitimacy of cards, but there is certainly nothing wrong with using a tarot service, or any psychic service for that matter. However, it is important to make sure that you are not being fooled by a charlatan who is just looking to make a quick profit.

A real tarot reader reads the cards, not the person. While there is nothing wrong with an advisor getting to know their client, be wary of readers who ask too many direct questions. 

Fishing for information is a common tactic by frauds to uncover details that they can use against you in their reading. Also, be wary of anyone offering overly shocking information or anyone who seeks to instill fear. 

Tarot cards can be a form of therapy that assists the client in healing. It should be helpful. If the reader is attempting to frighten you, they are likely not legitimate.

Since many readers charge by the minute or hour, beware of readers who are trying to drag time out to the best of your knowledge. While there is nothing wrong with advisors being compensated fairly for their work, they should also seek to provide you with the most effective answers in the briefest amount of time. The client should be in control of the reading time, not the guide.

A helpful way to combat this kind of chicanery is to know the cards yourself. Just like you would research a new supplement or medicine before using it, if you are seeking life advice from cards, you should probably learn what the card is supposed to mean. 

If you know what the cards mean, you can also easily spot when a fraud is manipulating or even lying during a reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of getting your tarot read?

Some people are going to believe in the spiritual power of tarot, while others are not. However, even if you aren’t the most spiritual of people, tarot readers can provide a number of benefits to people who are seeking to work out life problems, especially if the guide is authentic. 

A deck harnesses the power of metaphor, allowing people to see the world through a different perspective, which can be useful in finding blind spots in a person’s life. Sometimes when we are going through hard times or times of particularly high stress, we might be blinded to options around us because of a phenomenon called tunnel vision. 

By harnessing the power of metaphor through tarot, anxious and uncertain individuals may find that answers to their questions were right next to them.

Tarot often puts the power back in the hands of the individual. A good tarot advisor will find a way to make the selection of the cards a very personal thing for the customer so that they feel as if they are taking their destiny into their own hands, even if the reading is done online. 

This can make problems feel more manageable for the client. This also allows the person to talk about issues that may be difficult to speak on literally, as there is comfort in addressing personal issues in the form of metaphorical cards.

What questions should you ask the tarot?

Because a benefit of tarot is putting the power back in your hands, it is important that you understand what type of questions you should ask. Questions should be open-ended and require full-sentence answers, not single-word answers or a simple yes or no. 

Tarot readers are helping you understand the story of your life, and a story cannot be told in one word. While specific questions can be asked, it is probably better to save them for clarification rather than opening up. Starting with general questions can help lead to more powerful answers.

Consider asking questions like “how do I improve my marriage” or “what does my career path look like”. It is also important to ask the tarot to describe things to you, like saying “tell me about my job” or “describe my social life”. 

While you should be able to describe these things yourself, the deck may offer insight that you didn’t previously have.

If things remain fuzzy after initial drawings, think about how you can clarify your questions. Again, the cards and your guide may reveal things that you did not previously consider, and it is okay to feel a little confused by the results.


The journey of online tarot is filled with reliable brands that can help you in times of need. Tarot can be a great way to get yourself out of common, negative thinking patterns and help you uncover solutions to problems that may have been right beside you all along. 

If you follow our guide for how to avoid less reputable, fake advisors, you’ll find that there are plenty of tarot resources out there for you to begin finding new meaning or questions, some of which may even be free.

If you’re willing to open your mind to the potential of tarot as a tool for spiritual guidance, we believe that Kasamba, Keen, and Mystic Sense can all provide you with the services you need.

3 Best Tarot Card Online Services

  1. Kasamba: Most Accurate 

  2. Keen: Most Experience

  3. Mystic Sense: Most Minutes for Free Tarot Readings