Shopping, so much more than a mere errand, is central to the culture of a place. For proof, look no further than this list of the best shops in the Bayou City, a collection that, together, gives a picture of the distinctive Houstonian shopper, one who loves both high fashion and a good bargain, fine tailored suits and fun vintage finds, stilettos and cowboy boots and everything in between.

We’re a city of contradictions, one that’s always in flux. In many ways, our shopping scene is unrecognizable from even a few years ago. Yes, e-commerce has changed the landscape, but does it spell end days for brick-and-mortar? Not a chance. If you doubt it, take a stroll through the funky, hipster mecca that is the booming Heights Mercantile development; peruse the thriving boutiques of Montrose, with their kaleidoscopic exterior murals; or visit the mom-and-pop outposts of Sugar Land or Old Town Spring.

But that’s just the beginning. To get a real handle on Houston’s amazing local shops—stalwarts and newcomers alike—consider this a roadmap, your guide to the best of the best.

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