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The Sugar and Cloth Color Wall Is Houston's Newest Instagram Hot Spot

Grab your selfie stick and strike a pose.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen April 8, 2016

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Instagram posts taken at the Sugar and Cloth Color Wall by (clockwise from top left): @magenpastor, @snapshotsandmythoughts, @greetingsfromtx, @taniachua, @sugarandcloth, @bigassballoons.

This week someone had to explain to my fiancé what a "thirst trap" is—for the rest of us olds, Urban Dictionary explains it's "any statement or picture used to intentionally create attention or 'thirst.'" Briefly ignoring the laughable and frequently sexist implications of the term (show me a social media post that's not designed to get attention, you hypocrites) this is what came to mind when I checked out the debut of the Sugar & Cloth Color Wall this week.

Created by local blogger Ashley Rose (she of Sugar & Cloth, naturally), a formerly nondescript brick wall on the East Side has been transformed into a bright, cheery backdrop, with eight wide strips of coordinating colors. Located at 3302 Canal Street, it's outside Headquarters, a shared workspace for creatives that will open this summer, and which will soon be home to Sugar & Cloth as well.

It's quite literally designed to become an Instagram staple, not unlike the popular Biscuit Paint Wall in Montrose or many of the other street murals which are particularly abundant in the neighborhood. I like that Rose made the decision to extend the color palette beyond the end of the wall six feet onto the concrete ground in front of it, so anyone who wants to take pictures can get the cohesive look of shooting in a photography studio without necessarily having access to that kind of equipment, and I love that the color panels are wide enough to fit several people in one segment.

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And, let me tell you: The people cannot get enough. They are like moths to a candy-colored flame. For the launch party, dozens of bloggers took turns posing in front of the colors with oversized balloons and sparkly props and their finest brunch-appropriate outfits. It's been three days since the debut, and the wall's Instagram hashtag has already been used over 300 times. There's just something about the fun possibilities of a blank but colorful canvas that makes me want to pose, play and explore. 

I look forward to seeing approximately one billion engagement/quinceañera/prom pictures taken here, eventually watching it become a Snapchat geofilter. It's not quite the Water Wall (Houston's OG thirst trap) but it's still fun to see what a good idea and some paint can create. 

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Image: Sarah Rufca

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