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10 Stylish Handbags For Fall

Wild prints and touchy textiles are dominating this season.

By Danielle Wright Edited by Shelby Stewart

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With all the buzz around fall fashion, you might’ve already found yourself going from vacay raffia to the seasonal suede handbag. While bright oranges and striking neon waves land better during summer months, it's time to make way for sultry teals and mocha browns; the key hues to stay on target for successful style this season. 

Dominating this autumn are the creatures of the wild, with gaudy and excessive textures. Leopard, cheetah and python have set the tone of what’s “in” this year, along with fleece, velvet and shearling textiles. Locally, Houston’s own Mehry Mu’s Dr. Fey Mini Velvet bag is yearning for a high-class evening, while Alexandra Knight’s Angelina clutch smoothly completes a date night look. 

No matter what plans you have set for fall, these 10 handbags will carry the night away

Zara Pearl Strap Methacrylate Box Bag


Image: Zara

Even though it seems like every fall exhausts the many shades of brown, Zara mixes it up this season with methacrylate, for a futuristic-translucent look. The gold chain and pearl accent, grants the bag extra pizazz to wear anytime of day. 

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á bientôt 713 Beaded Fold Over Clutch Local


The early 2000s obsession that 2021 has doesn’t seem to ease up anytime soon. Beads have reappeared on the scene, and this á bientôt 713’s Beaded Fold Over Clutch is the proof.

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Brahmin Marley


Image: Brahmin

In need of a high quality purse matched with an affordable price tag? Brahmin should be an instant go-to. The Marley style combines functionality with chic. 

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Brandon Blackwood Kuei Bag


Black-owned accessory label Brandon Blackwood has made massive strides in the handbag industry this past year. The signature Kuei purse should be in any fashionista’s closet. 

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Ann Mashburn Hailey Shopper Tot Local


Image: Ann Mashburn

Ever dreamed of a blue de France tote overflowing with soft fur? Ann Masburn brings it to reality. Snag the Hailey Shopper Tote to keep your personals cozy.

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Mehry Mu Dr. Fey Mini Velvet Bag Local


The bag of the season has arrived, and it's Mehry Mu's Dr. Fey Mini Velvet Bag from Elizabeth Anthony Houston. The deep teal, precise pink stitch and the coin purse cut, come together for an exemplar handbag. 

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Staud Sasha Shearling Bag


Image: Staud

As shearling continues to secretly top fashion’s must-have list, Staud’s Sasha Shearling Bag is a great start to check off that box. The slouchy look gives the bag a unique character, while the antique hardware and suede lining add it its greatness. 

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Sloan/Hall Horn Patterned Lucite Clutch Local


Image: Sloan/Hall

For an additional clutch option, the city’s Sloan/Hall boutique is hiding the perfect quick-and-easy style bag. The gorgeous water-color like pouch will make a statement at any black tie event.

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Hayden Lasher Betsy Local


Image: Hayden Lasher

Notable Houston accessory line Hayden Lasher uses lizard skin (sorry vegans) for its Betsy bag. Including fall burgundy, the chic handbag pairs nicely for a Texas A&M football game. 

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Alexandra Knight Angelina Local


Closing out the list is Alexandra Knight’s Angelina clutch. It’s elongated design makes for extra space to store your favorite lipstick, cell phone or pack of gum.

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