10 Gifts for the Plant-Obsessed Friend in Your Life

It takes a village (and plenty of gifts) to raise a plant.

By Alexia Partouche and Rosemary Akpan Published in the Winter 2022 issue of Houstonia Magazine

Bookmarks, plushies, sweatshirts, and more.

If your backyard looks more like a jungle, your jeans are always grass-stained, and you can name every single one of your plants – you’re most likely a plant parent. As we know, raising a plant is not for the weak. Some may even say, it takes a village. But don’t throw in the towel just yet.

From gardening tools to aesthetically-pleasing plant pots, we've gathered the best gifts to help make plant parenting a breeze for beginners and pros. Just don’t forget to water them (or stop watering if that’s your problem)! 

Plantable Floral Bookmark Local


Book worms or real worms can enjoy this two-in-one bookmark formulated on plantable paper embedded with wildflower seeds. The Plantable Floral Bookmark is available in Bird’s Eye, Clarkia, Black-Eyed Susan, Sweet Alyssum, Catchfly, and Snapdragon.

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Amigurumi Succulents by CultGrrrl CreationsLocal


Too wary of thorns to commit to a cactus? Grab this Amigurumi succulent from The Whimsy Artisan Boutique instead. Hand-crocheted and fitted into a decorated terracotta pot, it requires even less water than a real succulent, and won’t poke your eye out.

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Contemplative Gardening by Pamela Dolan  Local


Turn your garden into a haven for meditation and reflection with Pamela Dolan’s “Contemplative Gardening,” sold at Blue Willow Bookshop. The book explores the connection between all living things and encourages readers to nurture not only their plants but their relationships with other people.

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Macrame Plant Hanger Set Local


Image: Potted Prickle 

These three stylish macrame hanging planters hold a variety of flower pots. From obscure shapes to average pot sizes, this hanger fits all. It’s also suitable for indoor or outdoor settings and hangs ceramic, metal, plastic, and glass pots.  

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Shibori Indigo Planter by Gray Green Goods Local


Image: Confetti Riot

Brighten up your desk or window ledge with Shibori indigo succulent pots. These hand-dyed fabric pots are made from linen and cotton fabric, and include a plastic saucer insert. The pots are perfect for succulents, cactus plants, or any other bits and bobs you may have laying around.

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Seed Bearing Bundle 


This sweet bundle from Amborella Organics includes 10 seed-bearing lollipops in flavors such as lavender lemongrass, sage marshmallow, rosemary mint, lemon thyme, peach marigold, and vanilla hibiscus. After enjoying your sweet treat, plant your stick and watch them grow.

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JellyCat Amuseable Purple Orchid Local


Image: Biscuit Home

Orchids are notoriously hard to grow, but not with this JellyCat orchid plushy from Biscuit Home. With its beautiful velour petals, green needlecord leaves, and adorable smiley face, it might just become your favorite plant baby.

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Terracotta Butt Pots Local


Image: Dirt Bag

Add some personality to your plant collection by outfitting your plants in terracotta butt pots from Dirt Bag. These (very) cheeky pots have all the features of a regular terracotta pot, like drainage holes and a saucer to catch water, just in a much more attention-grabbing shape.

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"Plants" Sweatshirt


Show some plant pride with this cozy vintage Plant Sweatshirt. It’s the perfect clothing item for staying indoors or heading outside to tend to your sweet greens.

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Complete Gardening Tool Set


Image: Bloomscape

Need assistance pruning, harvesting, repotting, or planting? Grab the Complete Gardening Tool Set from Bloomscape. This set includes all the necessary tools for any plant parent looking to create a healthy long-term relationship with their plant babies. 

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