11 Accessories You Need to Get More Organized At Work

From clamp desk lamps to cord clips, prevent office clutter with these essential accessories.

By Geneva Diaz

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Maximize your workspace with these accessories for organization.

Once the chaos of the holiday rush comes to a close and it’s back to the typical work schedule, it’s time to get organized. After all, getting rid of clutter can relieve that sense of anxiety and set you up for optimal productivity. 

There are many ways to prevent a mess in your workspace, such as organizational systems and personal planners. Having just the right spot for your supplies and work documents can create a good sense of stability for you to tackle any project that comes your way this year. 

Whether you’re working from home or going back to the office, take your space from chaotic to clutter-free with these 11 must-haves.  

2022 Dusty Rose Medium Planner Local


Image: Paper Source 

Nothing says organized like a new planner and this 2022 planner by Paper Source has you covered. Inside, you'll find monthly and weekly pages to stay ahead in your busy schedule as well as plenty of space to jot down notes. 

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Brother P-touch CUBE Label Maker with Bluetooth



Image: Amazon

A label maker is a must for getting organized and if you have illegible handwriting, this one’s for you. The P-touch CUBE Plus is a compact, light-weight device that can label all of your files in a clean and comprehensive way. Plus, with a built-in battery, you can create labels virtually anywhere using your mobile device.

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Cable Management Clips by UPLIFT Desk



 There will be a time when your laptop chargers or computer wires are all out of whack. Instead of spending too much time untangling them, this six pack of cord clips by UPLIFT will be your savior and leave you with more time to focus.

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Collapsible Laptop Stand Local


Image: Typo

Sometimes work doesn’t require a computer and when you need that extra space on your desk, it can be tough to navigate around your laptop. This practical collapsible laptop stand by Typo is the ultimate solution. Not only does it raise your computer to new heights, but when your computer is not in use, you can fold the stand and use it as a rest.

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Modular Organization System Pegboard Brown - Pillowfort™


Image: Target

Gone are the days when pegboards were simply for storing tools in your garage. The brown pegboard from Target easily saves desk space while keeping up with your house decor. With two shelves, a rack, and four pegs, you’ll be able to hold up anything from scissors and headphones, to books and plants.

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4 Pack Bamboo Expandable Drawer Dividers


Image: Amazon

If you’ve already cleaned the top of your desk, but the drawers need a little work, these expandable drawer dividers are here to help. The bamboo design and simplicity of it all make organizing effortless.

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TERTIAL Work lamp with LED bulb, light blue


Image: IKEA

The TERTIAL work lamp in blue has a clamp base to fasten the lamp to the side of your desk and will take up zero desk space. This lamp from IKEA is affordable and includes an LED light bulb. 

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Schale Glass Jars Local


Image: Genora

 Showcase your finest pens and pencils with this set of three glass jars from Genara. Organizing your desk by adding some style is a good way to personalize your space.

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Stackable Ash Wood Drawer Organizers


Desk drawers can get messy, and when you’re cleaning your desk off quickly, you tend to just throw everything into a drawer. With these ash wood drawer organizers, you can customize your drawers to what needs organizing most. Mix and match the variety of sizes to create your perfect command center for all of your work utensils.

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Studio Designs Triflex Taboret Local


If you have a small desk with little room to spread out, this portable cabinet, from Texas Art Supply, is a good solution.  The taboret contains a glass top, three steel shelves, three hanging pegs, and a handle to easily move your desk caddy around the room as needed.

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Aura Mason Smart Digital Picture Frame


Image: Amazon

Instead of cluttering your workspace with all of your family photos, opt for a digital picture frame. The elite image quality of the Aura Mason can hold unlimited photos with cloud storage. Plus, your family can share photos with you through its compatible app so you’ll never have to worry about buying another picture frame again.

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