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Iconic Makeup Artist And Brow Guru Makes His Return to Houston

Edward Sanchez lets Houstonia in on the journey that led him to the Post Oak Hotel.

By Danielle Wright

Legendary makeup artist and brow guru Edward Sanchez. 

As you gaze at recap photos from exclusive galas, balls, and charity events held by Houston’s elite, you can’t help but “ooh” and “ahh” at the extravagant makeup and perfectly shaped brows, while also wondering who is responsible for such glam. The answer is Edward Sanchez. 

The makeup artist and brow connoisseur recently announced his return to Houston with a home base at the Post Oak Hotel. Sanchez, whose career was propelled by rave reviews from such Houston socialites as Lynn Wyatt, reflects with Houstonia on the journey that brought him back to Houston. 

For Sanchez, his resumé starts at 5 years old. He reminisces about accompanying his aunt to stellar beauty pageants and helping the competitors for Miss Texas and Miss USA get ready for the stage, with assistance ranging from grabbing mascaras to spraying gallons of hairspray. 

“All my life, beauty has been something that I've been involved in,” Sanchez tells Houstonia. “It always seemed to be a special place for me and was something easy for me to do.”

Working as a national makeup artist in Foley’s, now Macy’s, Sanchez was responsible for Lancôme's sales throughout Houston as well as makeup training. His life changed when one well-known client, Georgette Mosbacher, former United States ambassador to Poland, suggested that he apply for the counter manager position for Swiss-based cosmetic line La Prairie at Neiman Marcus. The job granted him an even larger client list, which consisted of Houston’s elite, including Margaret Alkek Williams, Joanne King Herring, Carolyn Farb, and Diane Lokey Farb, which eventually led him to one of the city’s biggest socialites, Lynn Wyatt. 

“She was like, ‘You are an amazing person; you need to meet all my girlfriends so that way they can come and buy makeup from you,’” Sanchez recalls. “She's the one that introduced me to all of Houston society. They would get their makeup done, and we'd get them ready for their events. And, believe me, there are lots of events.”

In the late ’90s, while he was attending beauty school in New York City, a woman who worked at the school mistook him for being Persian and insisted on teaching him how to thread eyebrows. Taking what he learned, he developed his technique of what he calls “4-D Eyebrows.” Sanchez measures brows based on bone structure, face structure, and eye shape. He recalls that while working at Neiman Marcus, shoppers would stop and gaze in amazement at his work.

“Coming out of the ’90s into the 2000s, there were no eyebrows, nothing. I was in the business before threading was a thing in the Galleria. Now you can go to the mall and see people threading, right? I could honestly tell you I was the first one to do it.” Sanchez says. “The reason why people would stop wasn't just because it was threading, but because it was a man threading. People that were from overseas had never seen a man thread before.”

In 2009, Sanchez established Edward Sanchez Cosmetics, opening two storefronts in Houston, Katy and Memorial, and two California locations, in Beverly Hills and Pacific Palisades. While on the West Coast, his resumé received a surplus of the biggest names in Hollywood, touching the faces of Betty White, Joan Rivers, Molly Ringwald and even prepping Janet Jackson for her infamous Super Bowl performance. He’s also racked up accolades in major publications like Allure’s Best of the Best three years in a row and named the Brow Whisperer by Vogue. However, he recently decided to close his California locations and focus on the place that birthed his career — Houston.

“It was very hard for me to make that decision because we do the Oscars, we do the Emmys, we do the Grammys, we do all of the shows, and it's taken me almost 15 years to get into this position in L.A., but I was going to have to pick between L.A. and Houston,” Sanchez says. “And right now, L.A. is just not in a good place. Houston is doing much better, and I had to ask myself, ‘Am I going to open up at the Post Oak, or am I going to continue going to Beverly Hills and Pacific Palisades?’ And I had to pick Post Oak.”

Through the new partnership with Post Oak, Sanchez will be taking on clients needing their makeup done or a quick eyebrow fix. On March 3, his first day on the job, Sanchez was met with a plethora of clients. Over the weekend, he successfully catered to more than 120 people.

“Everybody went to their events, to their galas, to their weddings; it was wonderful. It's going to be a great joint venture, especially because they're going to be carrying my makeup line and my skincare line. It’s going to be spectacular,” Sanchez says. 

Now that Sanchez has made his official return to the city, he’s most looking forward to his new home by Highway 610, which grants him the ability to see his original clients in the River Oaks area. 

Before departing from the interview, he spills a teaser for some big news that’ll be completely revealed in the new year. 

“I can tell you that there is a major department store that's looking at our products for 2023.” 

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