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10 Perfect Gifts For The Fashionable Libra In Your Life

The trendiest selects any air sign would love.

By Danielle Wright

The products listed here were independently selected by a member of the editorial staff. Should you choose to purchase a product through a link on this page, we may receive an affiliate commission.

NOW THAT the season has OFFICIALLY changed, it’s no surprise that Libras will lead us into fall. Ruled by Venus, it's not unusual for the charming zodiac to effortlessly surpass basic style and beauty standards, and reach for the beyond. 

While shopping for picky Virgos present a few challenges due to their unsatisfied nature, gifting the most powerful sun sign needs tact. Libra's, represented by the Libran scale share two sides romantic and easygoing or the vain and indecisive. 

Whether you’re diving for an inspirational suprise or looking for an easy-going snag, we’ve rounded up 10 great gifts for the Libra in your life.

Minimo Bounce Watermelon Eye Cream


Image: Minimo

Our eyes go through a lot of strain; due to makeup or an odd sleep schedule, so give any skin-obsessed libra the gift of everlasting skin. Minimo’s Bounce Watermelon Eye Cream alleviates tired eyes with a refreshing finish to top it off.

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Libra Zodiac Birthday Mug


This transparent mug is the perfect snag for Libras. With its gorgeous zodiac star alignment and personalization, choose to add their name or a romantic saying. 

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Urban Outfitters Iveta Abolina Libra Art Print


Since Libras love anything aesthetically pleasing, the Iveta Abolina Star Constellation from Urban Outfitters will fit anywhere in their home.

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Christian Dior The Little Dictionary of Fashion


Image: Amazon

Sometimes, a simple book makes for a life-changing gift. These ultimate style signs will fall in love with a copy of The Little Dictionary of Fashion written by Christian Dior. 

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Dior BACKSTAGE Eyeshadow Palette


Image: Sephora

Nobody does glam like Libras. The Dior Backstage Palette's autumnal array of pigmented colors, will pair well with their many outfits.

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Laura J. Finery CZ Gold Post Large Hoop Earrings


Statement pieces are made for Libras. Houston jewelry brand Laura J. Finery has created island-inspired hoops with their CZ Gold Large Hoop Earrings, versatile from fall to winter.

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Kendra Scott Davie 18K Pendant Necklace In White Opal


Image: Kendra Scott

You can always count on Houston's gem Kendra Scott for sentimental jewelry. The Opal necklace plays into the minimal side of fashion, that pairs beautifully with evening wear. 

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Modern Picnic The Luncher


Image: Modern Picnic

Gift the fashionistas a luxe lunch. Modern Picnic’s Lunch Box Purse makes even a sandwich seem expensive.

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Tamara Mellon Galaxy


Image: Tamara Mellon

Houston designer Tamara Mellon, is currently leading in footwear holding the top spot for seasonal heels. The Galaxy velvet boots in teal bring the right pop of color from formal to evening wear.

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Amir Taghi The Pari Pant


Image: Amir Taghi

For a pair of pants that will have the whole room turning heads, Amir Taghi’s western design grants the Libra in your life the style recognition they deserve.

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