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The Best Gifts To Snag For The Sagittarius In Your Life

From Fenty Beauty to Kendra Scott, these purple finds will add luck to the fire sign.

By Danielle Wright Edited by Stephanie Bartels

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Shop these perfect gifts for the Sagittarius in your life. 

Sagittarius season has arrived, and this fire sign is ready to close the year on a bright note. Although Sagittarius are always on the move, these gifts will keep them grounded and will likely become a new favorite for their fast-paced ways. The November 21 to December 21 group, ruled by Jupiter, are the traveling friends, always prepared friends and maybe even the genius friend.

Whether cooking at home or getting ready for a night out, The Sags love to explore. Snagging the Sagittarius in your life a Polaroid Camera or a portable charge because they can’t slow down to find a plug, will perfectly fit in with their busy lifestyles. And while they may be the last of the bunch, treat them to double the gifts for the holidays.

Whether you’re shopping for your BFF or your mom, scroll ahead and shop 10 gifts perfect for the Sagittarius in your life.

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Longer Fluid Lip Color


Shade : Undefeated 

Image: Fenty Beauty

With purple being a lucky color for Sagittarius, treat them to Fenty Beauty's Stunna Lip Paint in Undefeated. The dark purple lippie will surely make a statement at any event. 

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The Pair A Birds Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Art


Image: Etsy

No matter the time of year, Sagittarius will always love fresh decor. This print from Etsy's The Pair A Birds will add gorgeous color to any home, but especially to a Sagittarius home. 

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Kuala Store Portable Charger


Image: Amazon

Since fire signs are always on the go, a charged phone is essential at all times. Make sure you can get ahold of your Sag' with this portable charger from Amazon, colored in their favorite shade of course. 

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Kendra Scott Sagittarius Coin Charm In Gold Local


Image: Kendra Scott

When in doubt, Kendra Scott is always a perfect buy. Available in both gold and silver options, the Coin Charm can be used as a timeless necklace so Sagittarius can show off their sign with luxurious fashion. 

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The December First Candle


Image: Birthdate Co.

For a more personalized gift, snag them a Birthdate Candle. Each candle is specifically tailored to the day of birth with an explanation on their scent and what their sign says about them. 

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 5


Image: Sephora

Since Sagittarius are one of the more creative signs, you can definitely expect they will express creativity in their makeup. This purple takeover palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills will have them glammed up in their lucky color. 

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Polaroid Go Instant Camera


Image: Polaroid

One thing Sagittarius love to do is make memories with people they won't forget. Help them capture their adventurous nights with this vintage Polaroid camera, which will instantly print their cherished moments. 

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Bearaby Cotton Napper


Image: Bearby

Sometimes Sagittarius aren't the biggest resters, but they will enjoy a good power nap. With cooler temps rolling in, they'll be nice and snug with the cozy Cotton Napper blanket by Bearaby. 

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Boys Romeo Wallet With Strap


Image: Boyy

If you’re constantly traveling like a Sagittarius, you’ll need an accessible bag to throw on and walk out the door. This Romeo Wallet from Boyy is where simplistic meets modern so fire signs can stay stylish anywhere they go

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Mejuri Black Onyx Square Signet Ring


Image: Mejuri

While Sagittarius women love to make a statement, this beautiful Onyx Square Signet Ring is the perfect accessory for men. Especially for men who aren’t into excessive with jewelry but want a nice and elegant touch.

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