Valentine's Day

Shop Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts at These Local Boutiques

Don't be V-Day tardy with these thoughtful finds.

By Danielle Wright

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Skip the roadside flowers and shop these must-have finds from local boutiques. 

Valentine’s Day IS ALMOST HERE, WHICH MEANS another holiday of shopping for a gift at the last minute! While buying a bouquet of flowers roadside might cut it, the day of love calls for gifts that are thoughtful and are guaranteed to put a huge smile on your sweetheart's face.

Sourcing a match-made present, even when you're pressed for time, is easy at local Houston boutiques. Favor the Kind and Fox Holt have everything your loved one will need to relax, while Lilly’s Kloset and Beehive have the accessories that will be their go-to’s for spring and summer.

If you’re looking for jewelry to profess your love, Hemline and Pomp and Circumstance have sentimental trinkets they’ll never want to take off. 

Scroll down and shop the best last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts from local boutiques. 

Favor The Kind Shower Steamer Local


Add aromatherapy to your relaxation time in the shower by adding a steamer tablet from Favor the Kind. With four essential oils to choose from, the steam released from the tablet will invigorate the senses for a perfect "ahh" moment.

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Impeccable Pig Studded Statement Bag Local


Quilted purses are on-trend now, and this smart take at Impeccable Pig elevates the style with its studded embellishments. The purse will make a great companion while out having fun, perhaps while out at brunch with the girls or a day of shopping at the mall. 

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Pomp and Circumstance Moncler Enamel Heart Padlock Necklace Local


Profess your everlasting love with the Enamel Heart Padlock necklace by Pomp and Circumstance. The necklace fits into the chainlink craze in jewelry, and the padlock locks in your devotion. 

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Elizabeth Stone Lovestruck Ring Local


Image: Hemline

If you’ve been struck by Cupid's arrow, the Lovestruck ring is a match-made buy. The sparkling pink heart is surrounded by a burst of diamond stones that perfectly resemble your love at first sight moment. 

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Beehive Spotlight Mini Bag Local


Image: Beehive

There are many variations of the gemstone bag, but most of them won't glisten quite as much as Beehive’s Spotlight mini bag. Perfect for a night out in Montrose or for evening soirées, this rhinestone-encrusted purse will command attention. 

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Emerson Rose The Irina Local


Image: Emerson Rose

Sunny mornings in Houston call for a pair of stylish shades. These vintage-inspired Irina square specks by Emerson Rose will instantly give any look a '70s vibe. 

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Lilly’s Kloset Ines Shoulder Bag Local


Similar to Bottega Venetta’s signature quilted bag, Lilly’s Kloset’s Ines shoulder bag is on trend in a new color. The refreshing peony pink is aligned with the traditional V-Day palette and will match with any spring look. 

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Blara Organic House Gracious Robe Local


Image: Fox Holt

No at-home spa is complete without a comfy robe to relax in. The Gracious Robe by Blara Organic House is designed with a fold-over shawl collar and a hood, perfect for wet hair. Plus, it’s eco-friendly and made with primitive cotton and natural dyes from plants and fruits. 

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Zoe Chicco Linked Diamond Earrings Local


Image: Zadok

These dangly pair of earrings by Zoe Chicco are another on-trend choice that is guaranteed to make you shine bright like a diamond on special occasions. 

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Marni Glass Beads Grained Leather Fussbett Sandal Local


Image: Kick Pleat

Your loved one will adore the leather Fussbett sandal by Marni. The eye-catching rubies, emeralds and pink gemstones will glisten in the sun and pair great with flowy skirts and dresses when the weather warms up. 

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