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Helpful Gifts New Moms Will Love

These gifts may not have been on the registry, but a new mom will wish they had these finds.

By Danielle Wright

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As new moms prepare for the arrival of their little one or celebrate their first year, there's always something to help motherhood be more manageable. With the stress of caring for her new baby, any item that helps her relax or rest is the way to go. 

As she takes on her new role, now is the time for mom to be pampered with a Sunday Riley skincare kit or foot massage whenever it's needed. And, shopping for a mother-to-be should always include a little something for the baby, such as a humidifier, white noise machine, or even a swaddle set.

Our new mommy round-up has all the helpful tech, beauty, and jewelry that might not have been on the registry, but she'll they were.

Scroll ahead and shop these must-have gifts for new moms. 

Yogasleep Hushh Portable White Noise Machine for Baby


This one is for the sleep-deprived mommy in the back. The Yogasleep Hushh portable white noise machine will soothe baby and mom, too, with a piece of mind as she gains back a moment in the day to rest or carry out household chores.

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Brooklinen Linen Baby Swaddle Set


Image: Brooklinen

Anything versatile is an excellent gift for new moms, and Brooklinen's Linen Baby Swaddle Set will grant them a multi-use blanket. With three gender-neutral designs, the bamboo-made fabric is best for babies with sensitive skin and can also be used as a burp cloth, stroller cover, or nursing cover.

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Frida Baby Fridababy Three-in-one Humidifier


Image: Frida

A happy baby is a happy mom. The Frida Baby Fridababy Three-in-one Humidifier is a sure way to boost the comfortability of a restless baby in those rough allergy seasons. It will increase moisture in a dry environment and calm any fussy baby with just a few drops of your favorite essential oil, limiting the constant need to wake up in the middle of the night to soothe your bundle of joy.

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Tempur-Pedic Cloud Pillow with Washable Cover


Image: Amazon

As hard as it is to rest with a new baby, any mom would appreciate a Tempur- Pedic cloud pillow, perfect for a good night's rest. The memory foam material adjusts to the body, allowing moms to soothe the aches and pains of carrying their little bundles of joy. 

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Sunday Riley Wake Up With Me Morning Routine Kit Local


Image: Sephora

Bring the spa to mom with the Sunday Riley Wake Up With Me Morning Routine Kit, complete with cleansers, serums, and oils. This kit has everything you need to brighten any new mommy's day.

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Jewlr Engravable Baby Feet Birthstone Mother's Pendant


Image: Jewlr

For an enduring way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby, new mothers will adore the Baby Feet Mother's Pendant. The sterling silver charm is customizable with the maternal's birthstone and can include an engraved name 

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RENPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat and Remote



Moms have a lot to do, whether running errands or staying at home. Have mom relax anytime with the electric foot massager by RENPHO. It features a rotation ball and heater to knead and squeeze her feet for the ultimate massage.

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Barefoot CozyChic Throw Blanket


Image: Barefoot

A nap may be rare for a new mom, but this ultra-soft throw blanket can efficiently serve as a lullaby. Available in chic neutrals, Barefoot's CozyChic is a must for any room in your home.

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Owlet Dream Duo


Image: Owlet Care

Help ease the anxieties of a first-time mommy with the Owlet Smart Sock + Cam. Complete with the wearable Dream Sock, the unique feature tracks a baby's sleep quality indicators like heart rate, oxygen level, wakings, humidity, room temperature, and noise level. Thorough enough for even the most anxious of new moms.

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BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller


Image: Amazon

Getting back in the exercise swing with a new baby can be difficult. Ease the stress of your favorite outdoor mom with the BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller. Complete with a Suspension system & air-filled tires to provide an ultra-smooth ride over any terrain, this stroller is perfect for even the rockiest of trails, all while keeping the precious baby comfortable.

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