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Everyone needs a beach day, and Houston's on-and-off summer rain shower is the perfect excuse to get away from the city and enjoy some consistent sun. But, who wants to go to any beach—on or off a coast—unprepared? As airways begin to fill up and resorts crowd the entree ways, there're a few items that should be checked off for anyone who's heading out to catch some sun.

While the pandemic is slowly becoming a thing of that past, it's time to get back acquainted with seasonal getaways, and this time of year calls for only the best outdoor gadgets. 

Is a wine basket a necessity? Absolutely but, so is a beach towel, sunscreen lotion (the kind that won't leave you with pasty white crust around your face), and a portable cooler. Check out some of our favorite items to stock up on when enjoying a little summer fun. 

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