Style & Trends

Style and the City

Where to Wear: The Fashion Cape

Staying stylish (and warm!) at the dog park, the MFAH's latest and more.

01/23/2015 By Niki Fanara


Earrings Reach New Heights

2015: The Year of the Earring



Houston Needs a Groom Extravaganza

Break out the whiskey and cigars!

01/06/2015 By Andrew Husband


A Stylish Reason to Visit New York

Houstonian Lauren Rottet has designed a pair of new signature suites at the swank Loews Regency Hotel.

12/23/2014 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen


Slideshow: Home-Grown Houston Gift Ideas

Houston-themed merchandise is in.


Gift Guide

Rep Houston This Holiday With These Home-Grown Gifts

Houston-themed merchandise is in—and makes great gifts for loved ones who like to wear their city on their sleeve.

11/30/2014 Photography by Audra Oden By Katharine Shilcutt


How to Wrap the Perfect Holiday Gift: a 31-Step Guide

Step 9: Google “Scotch tape delivery.”

11/30/2014 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen


The People-Watcher's Guide to Black Friday

On the biggest shopping day of the year, the real fun is watching deal-crazed consumers make fools of themselves.

11/24/2014 By Andrew Husband

'Tis the Season

Getting Swept Up in the Christmas Tornado

Fond and occasionally frantic memories of the Nutcracker Market

11/11/2014 By Natalie Harms

Style About Town

Design Secrets of Downtown's New JW Marriott

Tapping local artists, makers, and the building's historical pedigree, the JW Marriott aims to stylishly represent Houston.

11/07/2014 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen

Women’s Fashion

Elements of Style: E is for Extra Effort

Mandy Trichell talks style, weight loss, and shopping for your shape when your shape is fluid.

11/03/2014 By Sarah Gabbart


Shop Classy at Houston Modern Market

It's a mod, mod, mod, mod world

10/23/2014 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen

Elements of Style

Always Judge a Dude by His Duds

The owner of Manready Mercantile chats about his aesthetic, shopping local, and which Joneses are worth keeping up with.

09/30/2014 Photography by Sarah Gabbart


KB Kasuals Turns Two

River Oaks boutique celebrates anniversary with reality show fashionistas.


Global Style

Haute Dam

The Dutch should be known for way more than wooden shoes and windmills.


Sole Searching

Nine Shoes That Don’t Make You Choose (Between Style and Comfort)

Comfortable shoes are finally in fashion!

09/01/2014 Photography by Audra Oden By Katie McNew


reNew & reDux Fashion Show

Houston fashionistas fawned over donated designer wear from the runway to the racks.



Ashley Dunn Spring/Summer 2015 Collection Launch

Houston fashion lovers applauded a local designer for her collection launch and pledge to raise awareness for eating disorders.


A Family Guide to Houston

The Grandest Parents: a Spirited Guide to Overindulgence

Finally—finally!—you have a grandchild or two to spoil rotten. Here’s where to start.

08/03/2014 By Catherine Matusow

Elements of Style

Elements of Style: Heather Petrey, Free Bird

The Lone Star Vintage owner is a fashionable flash of local color.

08/03/2014 Photography by Felix Sanchez By Sarah Gabbart