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10 Planners To Keep You On Track This Year

From eye-catching covers to helpful pages, these agendas are a must-buy.

By Danielle Wright

The products listed here were independently selected by a member of the editorial staff. Should you choose to purchase a product through a link on this page, we may receive an affiliate commission.

As we enter the second week of the new year and resolutions are underway, you might notice it's easy to fall off track. Fortunately, all you need is a planner to help keep you balanced, organized and up-to-date on your progress. 

While each planner may have the traditional calendar table or weekly sheet, two big elements of the perfect planner are its features and of course, the cover. Clever The Fox has a planner to help achieve financial goals and Emerson Rose is making sure you're mindful during the week. Eccolo has a planner to ensure a productive work day by easily formatting work tasks. No matter what goals you have or needs for a planner, we've curated a list of 10 must-have agendas on the market.  

Scroll ahead and pencil in these planners for the new year. 

Ginably Maritime Mini Weekly Planner Local


Image: Etsy

If your desk is in need of extra accessories, adding this desk pad planner by Ginably will do just the trick. With different designs to browse from, you’ll have a bird’s eye view with easy access to your to-do list each week. 

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JSTORY Large Personal Wide Spaces Weekly Planner 28 Sheets Pink


Image: Amazon

JStory’s Large Weekly Planner is perfect if you're shopping for a simple planner. Set your date at the top and fill in your to-do’s for the rest of the week with its vertical design. 

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Clever Fox Budget Planner


One of the biggest resolutions of the new year is learning tips and tricks to save extra funds. No matter your savings goal, Clever Fox’s Budget Planner will help achieve those goals effortlessly. 

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Eccolo 2022 Spiral Agenda


Image: Amazon

This staff pick planner is a must for having a productive work day. Eccolo’s 2022 Agenda helps track your goals and plan out your month with birthday reminders, important dates and more. 

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Emerson Rose Daily Goals & Wellness Planner Local


Image: Emerson Rose

Planners aren’t just for budgeting and work tasks, they’re also helpful for being more mindful of health and wellness. Local boutique Emerson Rose has a Daily Goals & Wellness Planner that helps you achieve a mindful morning with checks, self-care activities and a healthy meal plan. 

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Papier Joy 2022 Planner 


Image: Papier

If design is a must for you, you’ll be obsessed with Papier. From quality illustrated covers to sleek pages, your year will be stylishly organized. 

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Legend Planner Deluxe Weekly & Monthly Life Planner 


Image: Amazon

For a planner that tracks more than weekly goals, the Deluxe Legend Planner mindfully reflects the week by keeping up with daily routines and a weekly review. It’ll also help track yearly goals, monthly reflection and has empty pages for note taking. 

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Favor The Kind 2022 Checkered 12 Month Planner Local


For a mini planner, Favor The Kind’s 2022 12-Month Planner is packed with helpful pages. Alongside the checkerboard cover with gold accents, this pocket agenda is loaded with inspirational quotes and fun sheets to keep you on track. 

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Erin Condren Star Girl Lifeplanner


Image: Erin Condren

Aside from the gorgeous cover, Erin Condren’s Star Girl Lifeplanner makes being organized fun. Easily track your goals for the month, tasks for the week and store notes with this colorful agenda. 

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Golden Coil


Image: Golden Coil

To make sure your planner is the right one for you, Golden Coil has a customized option that fits your needs. You’ll be able to browse through covers, pages and layouts to ensure this agenda was curated specially for you. 

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