Jump Into Fall

Here’s Why Jumpsuits Are the Most Versatile This Season

Easy to style, simple to wear.

By Danielle Wright

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One of the easiest and most versatile pieces to style this season is jumpsuits. The full-body garment relieves the stress of finding something to wear – especially if it’s last minute. 

Although jumpsuits made their claim to fame in 2018, they stylish onesie recently resurfaced as quarantine called for more relaxed looks. In line with the athleisure takeover, shoppers are leaning towards anything with flexibility and comfortability. Designers, like Prada and Dior, have joined in on the jumpsuit wave to cater to those who aim for the simplistic yet chic wardrobe, so it’s safe to say the vintage design is now trendy.

This season, denim, color, and silhouette designs are dominating the one-piece garment. From the brick-red Bordeaux Ruffle Jumpsuit from Houston’s Melodrama Boutique, to Hudson’s Denim Utility Jumpsuit, sold at Olivera, purchasing this garment will center you as the main attraction this season. All you need is accessories and the perfect pair of fall boots to spice it up.

Shop below for 10 jumpsuits making a statement this season.

Zara Rustic Jumpsuit


Image: Zara

Zara’s Rustic Jumpsuit takes a linen play on denim. The lapel collar grants the one piece a professional look while the zipper allows for easy access. Style the Rustic Jumpsuit with a pair of clogs, gold hoops, and denim purse for both a daytime or nighttime look.

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Lilly’s Kloset Wish You Were Mine Jumpsuit Local


Houston’s Lilly’s Kloset boutique is stocked with seasonal garments to create many variations of fall outfits. Their Wish You Were Mine Jumpsuit features a high neckline and wide pant silhouette which calls for a cozy yet elegant look. Pair the Ultra-red garment with yellow gold heels and statement earrings to complete your ensemble.

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Melodrama Boutique Bordeaux Ruffle Jumpsuit Local


Local boutique Melodrama has the most autumn-inspired jumpsuit in stock – the Bordeaux Ruffle. The bright brick red used for the red animal print pattern helps bring the ruffle sleeves to life. Style the one-piece jumper with nude pumps and layered bracelets to add definition.

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Chloe Dao Comfy V-Neck Jumpsuit Local


Image: Chloe Dao

Notable Houston designer Chloe Dao goes for a simplistic design for the Comfy V-Neck Jumpsuit. The neutral-colored pinstripes are accented by a cinched waist and ruffle trims. Since Houston’s fall is basically an elongated summer, a heeled or no-heel sandal plus a dainty necklace will bring the look altogether.

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The Kit Alex Jumpsuit


Image: The Kit

Deriving inspiration from the famous plaid flannel, The Kit reimagines the fall staple in the Alex Jumpsuit. Red, navy, beige, and brown blend together perfectly for the modern take, completing the piece with a sharp collar and button-down style. This jumper pairs well with a fresh pair of black boots.

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Favor The Kind Celeste Jumpsuit Local


While the puffy sleeves continue to rule as one of the trendiest features for dresses, it’s leaned over into jumper styles. The latte puffy sleeves on Favor The Kind’s Celeste Jumpsuit make a bold statement that requires minimal effort to styling. With its cropped pant feature, add an attention grabber mule and mini chain for an artsy look. 

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Olivela Hudson Denim Utility Jumpsuit


Image: Olivela

When it comes to shopping, you can never go wrong with denim; especially if it’s the Hudson Denim Utility Jumpsuit by Olivela. The Hudson uses real dark wash denim equipped with multiple pockets for easy storage. The piece also features the D Ring buckle which gives a nod to the early 90s aesthetic. Anything goes well with denim, so feel free to add extra color or keep it monochromatic.

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Generation Love Harper Jumpsuit Local


Image: Hemline

Another textile that’s gaining prominence in the fashion realm is silk. The Generation Love Harper Jumpsuit, sold at Hemline, is doused in champagne silk, a v-neckline, and wide pants which makes for simplistic evening attire. The best accessories to match are dangling earrings and a statement clutch. 

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Issey Miyake Drape Jersey Jumpsuit Local


Image: Kick Pleat

Designer Issey Miyake is known for their pleated silhouettes, however, they’ve decided to smooth it out for the Drape Jersey Jumpsuit. Sold at Houston’s Kick Pleat, this coy jumper features a slight slit on the sophisticated light blue look, that doubles as a work from home attire or a laxed Thursday workplace fit.

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Talbot Runhof Ciara Velvet Jumpsuit Local


One of the most elegant jumpers on the market comes from Talbot Runhof, sold at Houston’s Elizabeth Anthony. The midnight blue Ciara Velvet Jumpsuit is a clean off the shoulder one piece that’s perfect for an opulent evening. Aim for silver pieces when sourcing shoes and accessories. 

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