Freshly Baked

First Look at Pondicheri Bake Lab + Shop

Pondicheri meets Penzey's meets Revival Market meets Sur La Table

10/30/2014 By Katharine Shilcutt

Autumn Recipes

Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Macarons

Downhome macarons.

10/09/2014 By Russell van Kraayenburg

Autumn Recipes

Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookies

The world's best cookie.

10/08/2014 By Russell van Kraayenburg

Food Trends

Macarons: The New Cupcake

Say goodbye to cupcakes and cake pops.

10/07/2014 By Kerry H.

Houston Restaurants

Common Bond vs. Tiny Boxwood’s: Who Has A Better Chocolate Chip Cookie?

In search of the perfect cookie.

10/06/2014 By Russell van Kraayenburg

Autumn Recipes

Recipe: Classic Brownies

The two key ingredients you'll need for brownies worth fighting over.

10/02/2014 By Russell van Kraayenburg

Best Restaurants 2014

Best New Restaurants: Desserts

Our much-loved mingling of cuisines and flavors isn’t just having its way with our main dishes. Desserts are now fair game too.

09/30/2014 By Katharine Shilcutt

Sweet Treats

Nutella Milkshakes Now at Backstreet Cafe

It should go without saying, but save room for this dessert.

09/24/2014 By Katharine Shilcutt

Summer Recipes

Recipe: Spicy Apple Hand Pies

Not your mother's apple pie.

09/12/2014 By Russell van Kraayenburg

Summer Recipes

Recipe: Bourbon Peach Almond Pie

A boozy summer pie.

09/05/2014 By Russell van Kraayenburg

Summer Recipes

Recipe: Biscuit-Topped Plum Cobbler

Cobbler done the Southern way.

08/29/2014 By Russell van Kraayenburg

As Seen on TV

Bakery Boss Gives Not Jus Donuts a Cake-Lift

Cake Boss Buddy Valastro's newest show comes through Houston to make over a struggling family bakery.

07/28/2014 By BoJanay Posey

Frozen Favorites

Snow in July: Bahama Buck’s Expanding Into Houston

The popular Lubbock-based snowcone shop is set to open two dozen locations in Houston.

07/02/2014 By Tanner Hoffman

Sweet Treats

Houston's Tour de Chocolat Takes Place in Rice Village

Is a guided chocolate tour worth $30?

07/01/2014 By Silvia Pera

Sweet Treats

Where to Get Truly Great Gelato

Finding the Italian favorite in Houston isn't as easy as it seems.

06/24/2014 By Silvia Pera

Sweet Treats

A Crash Course on Indian Sweets

Don't be intimidated by that case of goodies at Bombay Sweets.

06/18/2014 By Katharine Shilcutt

From Bean To Bowl

Video: Making Chocolate from Scratch at Caracol

We're really sorry you can't smell this video.

04/10/2014 By Phaedra Cook

Sweet Treats

A New Home for Chocolat du Monde

In Rice Village, a boutique for all things sweet

04/07/2014 By Joanna O'Leary


Guadalajara-Style Churros: Viva la Diferencia

Among the treasures at Sunny Flea Market are these unusual churros.

03/31/2014 By Katharine Shilcutt

Sweet Treats

Fat and Happy at Fat Cat Creamery

The Heights ice cream parlor harkens back to a sweeter, simpler time.

03/18/2014 By BoJanay Posey