Style Recap

Astronaut Wives Club Recap: The Dark Side

When it comes to fashion and serving your country, what risks are too big?

08/14/2015 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen


Astronaut Wives Club Recap: What Are We Fighting For?

Betty and the other astronauts deal with Gus's death and figure out how to move forward.

08/07/2015 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen


Astronaut Wives Club Recap: Love and Loss

It's not easy being an astronaut wife.

07/31/2015 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen

TV Style

Astronaut Wives Club Recap: Now What?

Both NASA and the astronauts are starting new chapters, whether they want to or not.

07/24/2015 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen

TV Style

Astronaut Wives Club Recap: Girl Power

The wives are are making waves trying to get what they want, whether it's a woman in space, to be taken seriously as a writer or a dose of air conditioning in a hot Houston summer.

07/17/2015 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen

Sixties Style

Astronaut Wives Club Recap: Here Comes Mercury

The Club heads to Houston and finds out who their real friends are.

07/10/2015 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen


Tropic of Cancel: CW’s The Messengers

Televangelism has a new address, but not for long.

07/09/2015 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen


Astronaut Wives Club Recap: Never Trust NASA

In "Protocol," secrets are spilled and alliances are formed.

06/26/2015 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen

As Seen on TV

Sylvia Casares Battles It Out on the Food Network

Houston's enchilada queen takes on Dallas's southeast Asian savant, Braden Wages, on Beat Bobby Flay.

06/23/2015 By Katharine Shilcutt


Astronaut Wives Club Recap: Launch Party

Meet Houston's original reality TV frenemies.

06/19/2015 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen

As Seen on TV

Chopped Is Heading to Houston for a Casting Call

The popular Food Network show is looking to include a few good Houstonians in the roster next season.

06/12/2015 By Katharine Shilcutt

Status Report

A New Menu from a Top Chef Isn't All That's Changed at Plonk

Chef Casey Thompson is shaking things up at the Oak Forest wine bar.

05/19/2015 By Katharine Shilcutt


Our Fantasy Real Housewives of Houston Roster

The hit reality show might not be coming to town, but we can’t help but wonder what if.

05/06/2015 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen


You Know You Want This Heights Pillow from House Hunters

Television made it a star. Now, once again, this pillow can be yours.

04/07/2015 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen

In Person

Farting Sock Puppets and Mega Bake Ovens: Alton Brown Live

The final show in Alton Brown's Edible Inevitable tour brought down the house (and thankfully didn't burn it down).

04/05/2015 By Katharine Shilcutt

Stage Style

What The Suffers' Kam Franklin Wore on Letterman

A vibrant dress that references Texas wildflowers and James Brown, of course.

04/01/2015 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen

Creative Travel

Do You Love Zombies? Visit Atlanta!

Buy a cheap ticket and take your own Walking Dead tour.

03/10/2015 By Bill Wiatrak

Cuban Comedy

Conan O'Brien Took His Show to Cuba

The late night host made history in Havana.

03/05/2015 By Andrew Husband


Randy Fenoli Knows Weddings

The Say Yes to the Dress star and bridal expert on how to navigate the world of weddings without losing your mind.

01/08/2015 By Sarah Rufca Nielsen


Juan Carlos Is Ready for Radio City

Houstonia chats with the Montrose Rollerblade Dancer before his live performance tonight on America's Got Talent.

08/05/2014 By Michael Hardy