These 4 Colors Keep Showing Up in Influencers' Travel Photos

Want to be Insta-famous? Bust out the pastels.

By Gwendolyn Knapp June 1, 2018

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Ever notice how every travel influencer's Insta feed seems to pop with more pastels than Don Johnson's entire wardrobe from Miami Vice? Well, you're not crazy.

A recent study by marketing firm HireInfluence, in collaboration with the and the Pantone Color Institute, has culled through dozens of outdoor, travel and lifestyle influencer's most popular photos and identified the purported trendiest colors that appeal to millennials.   

Pantone even created a new palette for the beach town of Carlsbad, California based off of the study. Here are the trendiest colors they found:

Ah, yes, a  coral-infused pink that conjures the desert or beach sunset; the earthy russet hue of boozy fruit; the blue-green of tropical waters; and a lush and verdant forest green shade that evokes nature’s greenery.   

Check out these super trendy, totally naturally occurring, colors in action for some summer vacation inspo: 



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