Wherever you are now, stop. Put down your coffee cup and take a seat. Obliterate all thoughts of responsibilities, occupational and otherwise. Come back when you’re done.


Okay, we won’t beat around the bush. It’s become clear to all of us here that you’re in dramatic need of a far-flung, heedless, pie-in-the-sky escape. Escape, not vacation. That’s how bad things have gotten. Now, don’t get us wrong. When we say escape, we don’t necessarily mean traveling a great distance, although if that’s what it takes, fine. It needn’t be something brainless or lazy either, although again, that’s your call. In the end, any destination and itinerary will work, so long as it takes you out of this town, out of everyday concerns, and most importantly, out of yourself.

So, go, please. Do it. Escape.

In This Feature:

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Great Escapes: Austin

Relax at a Hill Country spa, where you leave life to come back to it.

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Great Escapes: Cuba

Take in Havana before the inevitable onslaught.

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Great Escapes: Charleston

Visit a city forever trying to live up to its food.

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The Great Escapes of the Rich and Famous

Where Houston’s movers and shakers go to get away from it all.