Here in Texas we love golf.

When the sport first arrived here in the 19th century, it was essentially a country club affair where the men would head out and hit the course while ladies socialized at the club. But post-World War II the game changed, especially in Houston, where the development of more municipal courses meant greater opportunities for the public to play, while the birth of the Houston Open, and the success of local stars like Jack Burke Jr. and Jimmy Demaret, brought national attention to the city’s burgeoning scene.

These days Houston has more golf courses than you can shake a club at, from the private ones that require you know somebody on the inside, to the city courses where anyone can play. So we’ve teed up this guide for you: Ahead are the local courses you simply must have on your radar, some dream Texas trips, and a look at how far we’ve come in embracing the great game of golf.

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