We can see it now: Everybody’s packed up in the sedan, seatbelts locked, radio on, maybe a few headphones and screens—hey, it’s vacation; nobody’s judging! A Houston family hits I-10 and hightails it out of town, away from chores and homework, jobs and yardwork.

In just eight hours (two, if they fly), they’ll cross the border into Florida, the state that gives something-for-everyone a new meaning. It’s a place that’s particularly popular among Texans, who visit more often than residents of almost any other state, drawn in by its irresistible mix of the accessible and the exotic.

Whether they’re theme-park fans or history buffs, beach bums or nature enthusiasts, Florida offers families the perfect escape from regular, old life, if just for a while. And, for that little while, parents stop being being regular, old parents, and start being companions on a grand adventure…

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