Ace Electronics is full of parts and gadgets for all your tech needs. 

MAJOR RETAILERS LIKE APPLEBEST BUY, and Amazon have become the go-to for tech gear. However, Houston has electronic stores right at our fingertips. And favorably, local retailers are more likely to carry vintage parts, making repairing old electronics a lot less of a hassle.

The best storefronts have years of experience, and most electronic shops in Houston have been around since the '80s, so there's a higher chance the employees have a real passion for electronics. Looking for a piece, but it's not worth the shipping time? You'll find hard-to-find cables, quality cameras, and rental equipment at one of these long-running local electronic stores.  

Ace Electronics

Since 1964, Ace Electronics has served Houstonians top-of-the-line devices from well-known brands such as Philips, Texas Instruments, and RCA. The family-owned business is also one of the few local electronic stores stocked with automotive gadgets. 

For more information, visit Ace Electronics online or in-store at 3210 Antoine Drive, Houston, TX 77092

Altex Computers & Electronics 

San Antonio-based appliance store Altex Computers & Electronics has been a Texas supplier since 1980. Whether you're looking to snag a router, a new gaming desktop, or surveillance for your home, this shop is brimming with gear to fit your high-tech needs. Altex also prices its products at a more affordable option for an extra boost in local support. 

8670 Northwest Fwy Houston, TX 77065

Electronic Parts Outlet

The family-owned and operated Electronic Parts Outlet has offered new and vintage parts since 1985. Here, shoppers are likely to find pieces for gadgets that require specific-sized cables, wires, and electrical solders and can purchase them for as low as seven cents. Electronic Parts Outlet is a great place to shop when you need a quick basic component. Plus, they offer free coffee daily.

3753 Fondren Road B, Houston, TX 77063

Prime Camera 

We all have that one tech-savvy creative in our family that could use a boost in their equipment. At Prime Camera, they can make media magic with top-quality rentals without fully committing to purchasing a new camera. Established in 1983, multimedia enthusiasts can snag studio-worthy camcorders like the Panasonic AG-DVX200 or lighting kits such as the Ikan Rayden LED set for as little as $200 a weekend. Prime Camera also has a selection of equipment available for purchase. 

11500 S Sam Houston Pkwy Houston, TX 77031

Sara Appliance & Electronics

Sara Appliance & Electronics has become a key destination for household items since 1981. Outside of the traditional appliances, the Houston-based store services everything from television monitors to home theater systems – boasting to transform your home into an AMC replica. They also price match to ensure shoppers receive the lowest price possible at their three locations.  

10516 Katy Fwy, Suite E Houston, TX 77043

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