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Here's How Houstonia Is Keeping Up With New Year's Resolutions

These gadgets make achieving our goals easy and fun.

By Danielle Wright With Houstonia Staff

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As we close out the first week of the New Year and the first week of 2022 resolutions, it’s may seem easy to lose steam in the upcoming week. However, with the help of apps, Amazon gadgets, helpful journals and books, Houstonia staff has sourced the best tools to help achieve goals set for the year.

We're establishing functional morning routines and utilizing books that guide on becoming your best self. We're tapping into healthy journaling and some of us are unplugging from social media. Whatever it may be, these must-have finds make sure we stick to our resolutions in a fun and easy way. 

No matter what goals you have this year, read and shop these useful gadgets Houstonia staff are using for an achievable new year. 

The Fabulous App


Image: Apple

"This year I really wanted to establish routines so I can be more focused at work and productive during my mornings. I decided to give The Fabulous App a try and it's really been helpful in making sure I take time to meditate, drink water and plan my day. Plus, it tells your journey through a nice story that makes progression something to look forward to." - Danielle Wright, Style Writer

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Gator Frameworks Deluxe Desk-Mounted Broadcast Microphone


Image: Amazon

"What do I need a microphone boom arm for you ask? Well, for the podcast I am launching in 2022 obviously. I meet and talk to interesting people every day in my role. That's why in 2022 I am launching my podcast "Faces of our Cities." I'll be sharing my interviews with the interesting people I have met from all over the world." - Jesse Hieb, Account Executive

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ySky Portable Phone Timer Lock Box


Image: Amazon

"In our industry, we spend a lot of time on the computer and being constantly “plugged in." This year I wanted to be more mindful of my screen time as a new year resolution. I’m still adjusting, but ideally my phone will go in the lock box before bed and after an hour of waking up, it will unlock for me to use. Wish me luck!" - Geneva Diaz, Editorial Assistant

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Anthropologie Set Some New Goals Notepad


Image: Anthropologie

"Writing things down always helps me stay on top of my goals and to-do lists. I love the color of this notepad and the layout makes it so easy to make a plan for achieving my goals." - Stephanie Bartels, Digital Editor

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Rememebered Rapture: The Writer at Work by Bell Hooks


Image: Abe Books

"The death of American author bell hooks (1952-2021) really shook me last year. She's one of my all-time favorite writers and my resolutions this year are to read more and write freely. This book she wrote on her process is my guide for 2022." - Amarie Gipson, Arts & Culture Writer

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