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With everyone preparing for the arrival of V-Day, its safe to say love is in the air at the office. From surprising spouses to splurging on ourselves, Cupid shot his arrow right at our staff. 

This season, bountiful flower bouquets, romantic reads and the chocolatey taste of a well-known cookie company is topping our list, with reds and pinks dominating the packaging. No matter who you're shopping for this season, Houstonia Staff can definitely lend you some inspiration for creating the perfect gift with love. 

Scroll ahead and shop five Valentine's Day gifts Houstonia Staff is splurging on this year. 

Urban Stems The Firecracker Bouquet


Image: Urban Stems

"This year, I'll be treating myself to a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Urban Stems is known to have gorgeous arrangements and I am obsessed with pink and yellow blossoms from The Firecracker." - Danielle Wright, Style Writer

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All About Love: New Visions by Bell Hooks


Image: Amazon

"All About Love by bell hooks is one of her most famous books. It's a true classic and I love to revisit it around Valentine's Day." - Amarie Gipson, Arts & Culture Editor

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Signature Touch For Bentley Edition


"If life has become about more than balling on a budget for you, why not go super big for Valentine's Day? Fancy mobile phones are a dime a dozen, but show someone you really, really, really care with an ultra-lux cell. This rose gold Vertu cell with Bentley leather may break the bank for most, but it's a thing of beauty to behold." - Camilo Hannibal Smith, Managing Editor

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Tiff's Treats Cookies


Image: Tiff's Treats

"Get her what she really wants this Valentine's Day - freshly baked Tiff's Treats cookies! Maybe this is just my pregnancy cravings talking, but I would take delicious warm cookies over jewelry in a heartbeat. I'm planning on pre-ordering Tiff's Treats for myself as a self-love gift, and have been dropping hints to the hubby for some sweet Tiff's, too. Fingers crossed I get the all-access pass to cookie heaven this Valentine's Day!" - Michelle Creasman, Account Executive

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The Adventure Challenge Couples Camera Set


"Getting this for my husband so we don't have to figure out what to do for date night anymore! This book has scratch offs with a year's worth of mystery date night ideas throughout. Plus, this set includes an instant photo camera to document the night, which I absolutely love the idea of. I guess this is a gift for the both of us!" - Stephanie Bartels, Digital Editor

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