ational Library Week (April 3-9 ) could not have arrived at a more vital time. Since 1958, libraries across America have been recognized for being essential connectors for our communities. These conglomerates are not only critical to knowledge and learning but have been instrumental in supplying public resources, from literacy and language courses to technology training and exposure.

In celebration of NLW, we've rounded up Houston's top neighborhood libraries; a sneak peek inside the MFAH's new art library, a list of Texas' banned books, our staff's favorite reads, and more.

In This Feature:

A Guide to Houston’s Top Neighborhood Libraries

A guide to everything you need to know about your local library from Downtown to Acres Homes.

04/04/2022 By Amarie Gipson and Geneva Diaz

The MFAH’s Art Library Is Making a Big Move

Here’s what you should know about the new space.

04/05/2022 By Amarie Gipson

10 Popular Titles on Texas's Very Long List of Banned Books

Texas parents have called for the removal of books dealing with racism, police brutality, gender and sexuality.

09/22/2022 By Geneva Diaz and Amarie Gipson

‘I Want It to Be a Safe Space’: Ashley Hoskins on the Power of Libraries

Ashley Hoskins is the founding director of Houston's chapter of The Free Black Women's Library.

04/07/2022 By Amarie Gipson

Meet the Books Our Staff Can’t Put Down

Check out our select favorites from authors Brit Bennett, Farah Ahmedi, and Taylor Jenkins Reid.

04/07/2022 By Danielle Wright With Houstonia Staff