Houstonia is unique: A news, entertainment and information source as smart, exciting and vital as the people who call Houston home. Each month we canvass the nation’s fourth largest city in search of the newsmakers and tastemakers, people who are changing the way we eat, play, dress and think. Chock-full of timely, engaging stories, as well as spectacular photography and cutting-edge design, our goal is a signature mix of in-depth news stories, provocative essays, and guides to the best of the city that no Houstonian can live without.

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Nicole Vogel

President & Founder

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Stevi Maytubby

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Editorial & Production

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Catherine Matusow

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Dianna Wray

Managing Editor
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Monica Fuentes Carroll

Art Director
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Gwendolyn Knapp

Associate Editor
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Morgan Kinney

Associate Editor
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Abby Ledoux

Lifestyle Editor
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Nicki Koetting

Digital Editor
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Amy Kinkead

Associate Art Director
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Laura Furr Mericas

Custom Publications Editor
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Brian Kennedy

Associate Art Director for Custom Publications
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Chesney Fuller

Production Manager
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Sales & Marketing

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Marianna Corcoran

Associate Publisher
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Laura Tracy

Marketing & Events Manager
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Missy Eitreim

Media Manager
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Cheryl Simonton

Media Manager
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Katie Keener

Ad Director, Love Wins Texas Weddings, Houston Ballet Magazine
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Adam Amato

Digital Ad Operations Coordinator
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SagaCity Media Staff

SagaCity Media Inc. is the parent company of the preeminent lifestyle media brands in Portland, Seattle, Houston, Sarasota, Aspen, Vail, and Park City. In their respective markets, Portland MonthlySeattle Met, Houstonia, and Sarasota produce the largest-selling magazines, most-visited local lifestyle websites, and industry-dominating numbers of engaged social media followers. SagaCity also proudly produces web content and publications elsewhere, many of them award-winning, for conventions and visitors bureaus or lodging associations in such markets as Portland, Seattle, Santa Monica, Aspen, Washington state, Eastern Oregon, Bellevue, Tacoma, Galveston, Aurora, Greenville, and Vancouver.

Nicole vogel 02 htsfao
Nicole Vogel

President & Founder

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Scott Vogel

Vice President Content & Cofounder

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Bill Hutfilz

SVP, Editorial & Operations
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Emily Wyant

Vice President of Marketing & Events
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Dan Derozier

Vice President of Digital Operations
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Jesse Arguello

IT Specialist
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Custom Media Staff

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Jeff Adams

Vice President
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Brian Barker

Executive Editor
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Brittney Knight

Associate Art Director
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Angelica Domingo

Associate Art Director
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Natalie Caceres

Associate Art Director
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Molly Woodstock

Digital Content Editor
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Courtney Kutzman

Advertising Director
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Robin Kamerling

Account Executive
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