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When you walk into Canard, you have to let your eyes adjust to the low lighting. As the scene unfolds before you, you'll scan the lounge’s jewel tones, the sea of spirits behind the bar. Finally, they will land on a shrine to Chartreuse. Similarly, and without coincidence, any chat with the bartenders about their craft is bound to lead to the famous green spirit.

“We appreciate not only the versatility of Chartreuse but also the tradition and the history,” says Rebecca Burkart, head bartender at the polished Heights establishment, which the Treadsack group opened last spring with the help of former bar director Leslie Ross. “Our green walls echo our love for Chartreuse.”

At La Grande Chartreuse, the millennium-old monastery tucked in the French Alps near Grenoble, hermetic Carthusian monks have dutifully concocted the bright-green elixir vegetal—known as the Elixir of Long Life—since 1737, to keep themselves in good health and to raise funds for their order. Clocking in at 138 proof, the liqueur, made from 130 beneficial herbs, flowers and roots, isn’t available in the U.S.