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Wine Bar

At Crú Wine Bar, the young bartender asked me to rank the three sparkling wines sitting in front of me. I had ordered the “Everyone Loves Bubbles” flight—three half glasses served side by side. When I told him I liked the J Cuvée 20 (the number refers to an anniversary release), a crisply acidic, medium-priced California bubbly, he disagreed with my assessment and told me that the other two were better. A strange quasi-argument ensued.

I pointed out that the Henriot “Souverain” French champagne had a gamy Pinot noir aroma and the Col de’Salici Italian rosé, while lovely, was slightly sweet. And since I was eating Cru Wine Bar’s excellent fritto misto, a plate of fried calamari and shrimp that he himself had recommended, the lemony wine was just the thing. But the impeccably groomed young man wouldn’t budge from his well-rehearsed opinion. Oh, well. You might not learn much about wine at Cru, but I hear it’s a great place for singles to hook up.