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Cyclone Anaya’s is famous for its diet cocktails, including the Weightless Mojito and Sinless Strawberry Mint Mojito—both made with Monin O’Free gourmet sugar-free syrup. Legend has it that the “face-away-from-the-bar-and-lean-over-backwards-so-the-bartender-can-mix-it-in-your-mouth margarita was invented at the original Cyclone Anaya’s, a rowdy Tex-Mex joint on Durham Dr. (We wonder if the idea of diet cocktails has the Mexican wrestler rolling over in his grave.)

Cyclone Anaya's

5761 Woodway, Houston, TX, 77057
Mon-fri 11am-10 Fri 10-11, Sat 8:30-10pm, Sun 8am-9pm