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From the outside, this Second Ward stalwart looks well-nigh abandoned. But step inside and you’re immediately greeted by a warm smile from bartender Debbie Carson and a spotless interior that smells better than Grandma’s house (and is similarly decorated with tchotchkes, although D&W’s taste in such tends toward stuffed animal heads, framed photos of Marilyn Monroe, and a lava lamp collection). A classic ice house, D&W serves no liquor and opens at 7 a.m., when you’ll see third-shift employees from a nearby coffee-roasting plant coming by to grab a cold one. But there’s company and camaraderie to find at all hours—just strike up a conversation with the regulars, if they don’t strike one up first.

D&W Lounge

911 Milby St, Houston, TX, 77023
Ea Do/East End  •  713-226-7039
Every day 7am–2am