Image: Jenn Duncan

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You’ll want to watch as your bartender carefully crafts you a Fish Bowl at this bar located in the cool, dark, mysterious space above Little Dipper Bar downtown. There are hundreds of rums on offer here, and three of them, along with two kinds of liqueur and coconut water, are poured into an enormous glass orb as big as your head, then topped with flowers, fruit, and cinnamonIt tastes like a boozy, spicy Minute Maid fruit punch—which is a compliment. You’ll want to consume the thing with at least three good friends, all of whom, by the way, must be present before you can even place your order for this beast. And remember: All that rum, even shared between four people, will sneak up on you.

High & Dry Rum Bar

306 Main St., Suite 200, Houston, TX, 77002
Wed 4pm–midnight<br>Thu–Sat 4pm–2am