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Beer, Cocktails, Games, Outdoor Patio

Yes, it’s a Dallas import, but we’ll forgive it that—everything about this adult playground is just plain fun, from the snarky marquee sign outside (“well, well, well, if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions”) to the (functional!) Ferris wheel. The decor is funky and down-home—think brightly colored mix-matched lawn chairs, communal picnic tables, and actual vintage truck beds—and the cocktails have names like Mojito Mo’ Problems and Mother Trucker (basically a Long Island). On-site food trucks serving barbecue, gourmet hot dogs, waffles, and more rotate daily. Oh, and you can—and should—rent out a designated karaoke room for up to 15 people.

Truck Yard

2118 Lamar St, Houston, TX, 77003
Daily 11am–2am