Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note

Why We Celebrate the Galleria

More than just a mall, the Galleria is a symbol of who we are, where we came from, and where we’re going.

12/01/2013 By Scott Vogel

Editor’s Note

Under the Influence

“What is this ‘influential’ business, and how can I become one?”

10/31/2013 By Scott Vogel

Editor’s Note

Dances with Fuddruckers

Ever noticed how many big moments of our lives have occurred at restaurants?

09/30/2013 By Scott Vogel

The Sound and the Fiery

Editor’s Note

What J.J. taught us

09/03/2013 By Scott Vogel

Editor’s Note

Houston vs. Dallas: a Statement of Purpose

Why do we pick on Dallas? Because it is there.

08/01/2013 By Scott Vogel

Editor’s Note

Back to the Beach

This ain't your grandmother's Galveston.

07/01/2013 By Scott Vogel

Editor's Note

An Instinct for Surprise

Never underestimate Houston’s ability to confound first impressions and belie expectations.

06/01/2013 By John Wilburn

Editor's Note


No one typifies Houston's way of turning outsiders into insiders quite like the de Menils.

04/25/2013 By John Wilburn

Founder's Note

Welcome to Houstonia

03/14/2013 By Nicole Vogel and Scott Vogel