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10 Motivating Water Bottles To Help You Stay Hydrated

Who knew water bottles had this much personality?

By Danielle Wright

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we all have that goal to Drink more water. And while it may seem difficult with busy schedules and having to avoid juice and soda temptations, water bottles have evolved to help break into the habit of increasing water intake. 

With a variety of colors, brands and styles, finding the right water bottle is as fun as shopping for a new pair of shoes. Nowadays, 8 ounces have converted into half-gallon jugs, spiked designs and endless amounts of patterns and designs to fit your lifestyle and personality. We've curated the best water bottles on the market that will surely motivate you to drink more water, while also fitting in with your own personal aesthetic. 

 Scroll ahead and shop 10 chic water bottles to mark those water goals. 

Glossier Water Bottle


Image: Glossier

Beauty gurus, Glossier made water bottles just for you. What was once exclusive to the Seattleites, is now available worldwide after becoming the ultimate crowd-favorite. Its spring florals design will standout in any cabinet, while also being lightweight and the perfect size. Plus, there’s water tracking measurements, making it a must buy. 

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The Hydro Jug Daffodil Pro


Image: The Hydro Jug

Gen-Z-ers, here’s your water bottle-the Hydro Jug in Daffodil pro. Since '90s fashion is a staple in baby millennial culture, enjoy this Clueless-like jug. It's also eco-friendly of course. 

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Hydro Mate 64 OZ Water Bottle 


Image: Hydro Mate

For the busy mom and grandma, enjoy Hydro Mate’s half-gallon jug. Aside from its pretty rose gold color swatch, the fun time increments will easily help achieve an increased water consumption, and look good while doing so. 

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Healthish WB-1 Bottle


Image: Healthish

Social media influencers, this bottle was made for you. Get motivated for the TikTok phenomenon “That Girl” routine with the Healthish WB-1 bottle. The true definition of sleek design, this bottle is lightweight, durable and features time indicators to keep you on track. Plus, it’s a staff favorite. 

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Life Is Good Tervis Sticker Collage


Image: Life Is Good

Perfect for teens looking to add some flare to their college aesthetic. You’ll adore the Sticker Collage Tervis by Life Is Good. Stay hydrated as you embark on your four-year adventure with a stainless steel bottle that includes a deluxe spout lid.

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S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottle


Image: S'well

For the dads and grandpas-they’ll love S’well’s Teakwood Bottle. From its insulated lining to keep water cold or coffee hot to it’s eco-friendly design, they’ll enjoy drinking more water from indoors to outdoors. 

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Soma Sport Bottle


Image: Soma

As the name indicates, this one is for the sporty. Soma’s Sport Bottle has a simple design, yet sleek with a pop of color, perfect for spring. The classic bottle features an aluminum handle, leakproof lid and one hand opening. 

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Far West Water Bottle Local


Add a bit of science to your water with the Copper bottle from Far West. Tapping into an ancient take, this bottle is made from a single sheet of 100% pure copper which has mineral-enriching qualities. Be sure to let your water sit overnight to reach its maximum iodized power. 

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Stanley Easy Pour Growler Local


The Stanley Easy Pour Growler was made for the camper lovers. Hike the trails with this stainless seal water bottle that’s easy to carry, insulated and leakproof, perfect for a night under the stars.

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Bkr Spiked Tutu 1L


Image: bkr

For the daring fashionista, you can now add your water bottle to your aesthetic with bkr’s Spiked Tutu. This limited edition glass water bottle features a small opening for no slipping and will look pleasing from the workplace to your night stand. 

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