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Cureight is Austin Simmons’s newest eatery, born out of his previous chef’s tasting menu at the Hubbell & Hudson Bistro. Indeed, Cureight’s intimate dining room is actually tucked inside Hubbell & Hudson, where Simmons plies you with fresh uni with egg dashi and prosciutto (with the option of a standard pairing, a rosé wine, or an “exotic pairing,” a farmhouse ale), as well as pork belly and octopus with curry and coriander (the exotic pairing here? A lychee martini). Just like all tasting-menu-only restaurants, Cureight requires reservations, but they’re relatively easy to come by—for now.

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24 Waterway Ave, The Woodlands, TX, 77380
The Woodlands  •  281-203-5641
Thurs–Sat: 5:30–9:30pm