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Lenox Bar-B-Q is one of the oldest continuously operating barbecue joints in Houston. Started in 1949 by barbecue impresario Leonard McNeill, the place is now owned by Erik Mrok, whose father was a friend of McNeill’s. When Mrok received notice several years ago that a new light rail line would plow right through his dining room, he announced he was going to close. But then he got a bright idea: tear down the dining room in front and keep the kitchen and smokers at the back of the property. Lenox is just a takeout place now. Mrok is actively looking for a nearby sit-down location but the decades-old rotisserie smokers still crank out great brisket, ribs, and links.

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Lenox Bar-B-Q

5420 Harrisburg Dr., Houston, TX, 77011
East End  •  713-926-2649
Mon-Fri 11am-2pm; Closed Saturday and Sunday