Photography by Andrea Weir

American/New American
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You may be tempted to write off as gimmicky any restaurant that routinely uses Cheetos in its dishes, but this place is anything but. Those Cheetos—which have made their way into its burgers and mac ‘n’ cheese—are part of Lowbrow’s easygoing DNA, and the reason dishes like masala-spiced chicken wings can mingle on the same menu as fried okra and “conflict-free” hummus. Nightly specials depend on what’s in season, while weekly deals include $20 pizza-and-a-pitcher night (which we recommend splitting with friends on the shady Montrose patio).

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Brunch, Dinner, Lunch
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1601 W Main St., Houston, TX, 77006
Montrose  •  281-501-8288
Every day 10am-2am