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The half-pound Uruguayan lomo, a butterflied slice of South American tenderloin, is the best thing to order at Sal y Pimienta (“Salt and Pepper”), the new steakhouse at bustling CityCentre in West Houston. Grass-fed beef can be tough by American standards, but S&P’s lomo is right on the money: rich, gamy, slightly chewy, and superior to American tenderloin, whose tenderness can make it mushy. Wash it down with a glass of Tannat, an inky Uruguyan red that tastes like a cross between Malbec and Syrah, and you’ll be living large, Rio de la Plata–style.

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Sal y Pimienta

818 Town and Country Blvd., #105, Houston, TX, 77024
Memorial West  •  832-849-0097
Sun–Wed: 9am–12am; Thurs–Sat: 9am–2am