The Raven suite at Hotel Zaza. 

Imagine traveling to the perfect getaway and your hotel suite doesn't measure up. Bummer right? From mundane color schemes and humdrum furniture, it can take your vacation from dreamy to dry. But one company is ensuring you have the best stay possible. 

The concept by Zaza Hospitality, the group responsible for the boutique Hotel Zaza, is curating hotel suites to your exact needs, according to your horoscope. Envision a Virgo's perfectly organized neutral space or an Aries' bright and bold tones. Wherever your sign resides, there's something made just for you. 

The specially curated Magnificent 7 Suites bring all the makings of each zodiac's characteristics to provide a "phenomenal stay," according to a statement. 

Matthew Nuss, president of ZaZa Hospitality tells Houstonia, "The names of the suites say it all.  Unique and much so we trademarked the moniker, 'Magnificent Seven Suites.'  ZaZa continues to be the trailblazer in high design, thought-provoking guest rooms, and suites.  The Magnificent Seven in each of our hotels will always be hallmarks of our brand."

Each room is made with a one-of-a-kind design, and you'll feel right at home in the suite that aligns with your zodiac. Houstonians can delight in seven of the 12 astrology signs: Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, and Scorpio-inspired suites at both the Museum District and Memorial City locations. 


The Houston We Have A Problem Suite at Hotel Zaza in the Museum District. 

For Aquarius, it's the Houston We Have A Problem suite. Aquarians can head to the Museum District and take a trip out of this world. Complete with futuristic furnishings like a crescent moon-inspired leather couch, a bubble chair, plus an eight-seater glass table that serves at the command center, it's ideal for those ingenious beings.  


The Bella Vita suite at Hotel Zaza Museum District. 

Aries are classified as fire signs, and that means striking colors and luxury accents. Ruled by Mars, Aries is assigned the Bella Vita suite. Deep wine reds are the focal point of the Italian accents, and ample crystal chandeliers grace the 1,584 square foot room. Located in the Museum District, the opulent suite features two king bedrooms, two bathrooms, along with a kitchenette. 


The Asian Beauty suite, for Gemini's at Hotel Zaza Memorial City. 

Known for having two sides to themselves, it was only right that Hotel Zaza provide the third sign in the zodiac with two different rooms that align with their dual personalities. Travel to Memorial City to experience the Asian Beauty and Passage to India suites. The Asian Beauty suite's amenities include a red lacquer wet bar and modern, Asian-influenced accents, like bamboo chairs and ancient artwork. The kicker? The room offers an optional connection to Passage to India, where guests embark on another journey to India. Though a degree smaller than Asian Beauty, the room is embellished in rich oranges and mint greens. 


The Beach House suite, located at Hotel Zaza Memorial City. 

As water signs, the best way to satisfy a Cancer is to bring the beach to them. Hotel Zaza in Memorial City achieves the demand with the Beach House suite. Spread across 960 square feet, the luxury suite makes you forget you're in Houston. Labeled a "light and airy retreat," complete with two king beds, and a private balcony, the relaxing ambiance will transport you to an island.


The Black Label suite. 

If you could describe a Leo, dramatic and sexy should be somewhere in your vocabulary. The Black Label suite, not only satisfies in luxury, but in look. Unwind in the grand 2,204 square foot suite, decked out in grey and black accents. For this room, serenity and pampering is the name of the game. A large grey crystal chandelier serves as the room's showstopper, plus a marble fireplace, and a balcony with a two-person tub. 


The living room for the Master Plan suite at Hotel Zaza Memorial City. 

For the one that never stops thinking, Zaza's Master Plan suite is fitting for the most organized and sophisticated of Virgos. As a lover of all things neutral, Virgos will fall in love with the suite's soothing gray and cream color scheme. As a zodiac sign that enjoys privacy and takes deep pride in the ability to compartmentalize, the entire suite has a separate living and dining area, two king beds, and two private balconies. 


The For Your Eyes Only suite at Hotel Zaza Museum District. 

At a quaint 907 square feet, the For Your Eyes Only suite is optimal for the Scorpio that enjoys solitude. Channeling their passionate and seductive nature, the For Your Eyes Only Suite is both sexy and edgy, much like Scorpio's are. What this suite lacks in space, makes up for in sensual and intimate decor, such as low lights, and beige colored walls, and achromatic accents. 

Zodiac suites are spread across Hotel Zaza properties in Texas, including locations in Austin and Dallas. 

Hotel Zaza Museum District, 5701 Main Street. Hotel Zaza Memorial City, 9787 Katy Fwy. For more information and to book, visit,

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