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ISS Astronauts Will Probably See the New Star Wars Before You

NASA confirmed the space station will screen Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

By Morgan Kinney December 15, 2017

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Everybody loves a good crossover episode.

For an inner looper looking to see a movie in style, the trek down I-10 to Katy's Alamo Drafthouse feels like a trip to outer space. But that's nothing compared to the starving cinephiles aboard the International Space Station, who usually have to commute via rocket to catch a new release. Not today! It was recently announced that ISS astronauts will screen the just-released Star Wars: The Last Jedi from the comfort of their celestial perch.

Before you get all high and mighty and clap back about how you saw the new Star Wars at the midnight premiere a whole day ago, let us remind you that these astronauts, hovering about the planet at a height roughly equivalent to 900 Emprie State Buildings stacked on top of each other, are often closer to a star than they are to a war.

Spaceflight reporter Robin Seemangal is credited with breaking the news via a very serious tweet:

Details remain scarce, but it is indeed true that the crew aboard the ISS will see the latest installment of George Lucas' space opera before that dude on Facebook spoils it.

“[I] can confirm the crew will be able to watch it on orbit,” NASA Public Affairs Officer Dan Huot told Inverse.

But, in perhaps a vision from our post-net neutrality world, the astronauts will not be streaming the film via the internet. Huot tells Inverse the screening will take place per the usual process, which is essentially an extraterrestrial version of Blockbuster where digital files are ferried into space to be screened on either a projector or laptop screen. Some speculate that a SpaceX dragon capsule, which launched earlier this morning, will deliver the film among its cargo of Christmas presents and scientific equipment.

Personally, we wouldn't want to watch a movie largely about space explosions while hovering in low Earth orbit, but, hey, whatever gets you through the endless day, noble astronauts!

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