In Bloom Festival Is Gone for Good

Looks like the one-and-done FPSF replacement withered on the vine.

By Morgan Kinney January 14, 2019

We saw this one coming. First, they deleted their social media accounts. Then December came and went without a peep about a lineup, and our multiple press inquiries went unreturned. Now, it's official: In Bloom Music Festival has withered on the vine.

“In Bloom Music Festival will not return," says the banner atop the festival's zombie website. "We would like thank all of the fans who attended and celebrated great music at In Bloom and FPSF over the past several years.”

The springtime In Bloom rose from the ashes of the ill-fated (and oft-canceled) Free Press Summer Fest in late 2017. We'll admit that we were pretty excited about the prospect of a mid-year Day For Night counterweight, and, to our mild surprise, the inaugural fest wasn't half bad! As we wrote in our recap:

Maybe the perceived surplus of teenagers was more of a symptom of the festival’s less-than-capacity crowd. It wasn’t a ghost town and the breathing room was certainly more than welcome—it’s just a long way from the teeming ocean of humanity you might find at the Lollapaloozas and Coachellas of the world. But after all, this was only year one of In Bloom, and, while the lineup provided more “old favorites” than new discoveries, we’re optimistic of the festival’s ability to grow. 

Let's hope it wasn't us who jinxed it. Taken alongside the recent demise of Day for Night, too, Houston is once again a city without a real-deal music festival that attracts national touring acts.

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