The Ultimate Houston Commuter's Playlist

Make the best of that grueling commute with this playlist of Houston-born/Houston-based artists.

By Juan Grimas March 26, 2019

It's rough out there. Let us help.

Wake up, sleeping beauty. Shower, get dressed, and prepare for the daily reality of commuting in Houston: nerve-wracking, soul-crushing traffic. 

Houstonia has produced this essential Houston artists’ playlist to 1) hype you up on those dreadful morning commutes and 2) chill you out on your way back home. 

The initial portion features H-Town bangers like: HOUSTONFORNICATION, by Travis Scott; 7/11, by the one and only Queen B, Beyoncé; and La Grange, by ZZ Top. These combined with your daily dose of caffeine? Ten times more effective than downing a Monster (and probably better for your health). Dive deeper into the playlist to carpool karaoke with newer Houstonian talent. Let Swimwear Department take you for ride on their wave of shopping mall-inspired surf rock, or jam to the latest Genesis Blu/Kam Franklin single, “Soul.” Pumped? Good. Now, don’t forget to top it all off by pulling into the office parking lot with Chamillionaire’s “Ridin” booming from your speakers. Just to add that extra kick before tackling the day.

Eight or so hours later, it's time to face our nemesis once more—in the opposite direction. No need for more energy, but instead an “Afternoon Chill” to help you decompress from all the work stress. Clear your mind with Wild Moccasins’ “No Muse” and “Sponge Won’t Soak” as they begin the relaxing therapy. Not into the indie scene? Tap a tune from the list’s H-Town rap line-up. Pimp C’s “Pourin Up,” or “Get Throwed” by Bun B have just the right vibes to keep the ride smooth and easy. Final tip: Crank up the volume and play "Irreplaceable" by Beyoncé on the last stretch of the commute—inspiring, mentally loosening—before concluding with "Almeda" from her little sis, Solange.

Check out the full playlist on Spotify below.

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