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Staying relevant is nothing new to Solange Knowles. Yesterday, she stirred up plenty of attention on social media from what many people are speculating is a teaser of new music. 

On Thursday, The Houston native was trending on Twitter for not just one but two reasons. If you haven't caught up on the Gossip Girl reboot, there is a spoiler so proceed with caution

First, Solange went live on Instagram, singing an unreleased song that had viewers losing their minds and crossing their fingers that a new album is in the works. The last time the artist released new music was in 2019 when she dropped her album When I Get Home and before that, A Seat At The Table in 2016.



Now, we are getting into spoilers, so if you aren’t caught up on Gossip Girl, wait until you to get to episode five before continuing. 

Now that you are caught up:

Beyonce and Solange were the stars of this week’s new episode of Gossip Girl. No, they were not actually featured in the show, but main characters Zoya Lott and her half-sister Julien Calloway wanted to dress up to be the iconic Knowles sister duo during  the "Hulaween" party.

They showed up to the charity costume party only to find out their ideas for the costume were leaked and everyone was dressed as the sister pair.

Is it a coincidence that Solange decided to go live the same day the episode was released or are we getting a new project?

Either way, she's buzzing and we're on the lookout. 

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