10 Items You Need to Bring to Astroworld Festival 2021

All the essentials you need to have the best time at Astroworld.

By Shelby Stewart November 3, 2021


We’re only a few days away from Astroworld, and we can feel the excitement brewing in the city. Travis Scott recently unveiled Astroworld Week, a series of events leading up to and following the sold-out festival. 

His highly anticipated lineup of artists appearing at the festival includes Young Thug, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Tame Impala. 

The festival’s theme, "Open Your Eyes To A Whole New Universe," is inspired by Scott’s forthcoming album, Utopia. According to Scott, NRG Park will be "morphed into a new universe," complete with performances, immersive installations, and carnival games and rides. 

Travis Scott fans at Astroworld Festival. 

Image: AB Gonzalez 

Scott, and his  "ragers" (an appropriate name for his fans), are all set to embark on the two-day music fest. 

But what exactly do you need to prepare? Below, we’ve rounded up some things that will ensure you have an astronomically good time at the festival;  and create memories that look as good as the photos you share on Instagram.

1. Negative COVID Test or Vaccination Card

Ragers must show up to the festival gates with a negative COVID test administered within 72 hours, or proof of vaccination. For extra measures, masks are encouraged, but not required.

2. Comfortable shoes

The festival grounds this year are bigger than ever before, with three separate stages, along with installations throughout the park. In order to experience everything with ease, be sure to wear comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

3. Jacket or coat

Astroworld weekend will be a chilly one. The lows on Friday and Saturday reach the high 40s, so a jacket, hoodie or a few extra layers is a nice addition to the beautiful weather.

4. Clear bag

For those who want to have somewhere to place their phones, money, and other festival essentials, a small crossbody bag, or fanny pack, is perfect for the weekend. Astroworld rules state that bags must be clear for entry.

A pair of sunglasses is a must at this year's Astroworld Festival. 

5. SPF/Hat & Sunglasses

Whether it’s sunny or cloudy, it doesn't matter. SPF, hats, and sunglasses are your best friend at a music festival! The last thing you want is to be squinting under the bright sun while watching your favorite artist perform. 

6. Cash

Cash is a no-brainer for any music festival. Fans should carry cash to purchase any merchandise or memorabilia on site. Credit cards are the ideal backup but don’t be the friend that forgot to have cash on hand.

7. Water

A two-day festival calls for hydration. A tumbler filled with ice water will help to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

8. Portable charger

Once you make it to the festival, you’ll want to capture all of your memories. The festival will likely have charging stations, but it’s safe to bring your own so you won’t miss a beat一literally.

9. First aid and toiletries

A mini first aid kit will provide you with all the basics for small injuries and accidents. It’s also a good idea to pack some painkillers for minor ailments. Toiletries like deodorant and hand sanitizer are a must for music festivals. Most festivals have porta-potties and often run out of water at their handwashing stations, leaving you without a way to sanitize your hands. 

10. Disposable camera 

Unfortunately, professional cameras won't be allowed on the festival grounds, so be sure to stop by your local Walgreens and pick up a 35mm disposable to capture your favorite performances and more. 

Houstonia’s team will be on the festival grounds Friday and Saturday giving live updates of the show. To stay updated, follow Houstonia on Instagram.

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