New music Friday

New Music From Houston Artists, August 20-27

New music this week features "anti-country country," K-Pop, and rap.

By Shelby Stewart

Lou Ridley's latest track "Hometown" is out now. 

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THere's never a shortage of TALENT when Houston'S MUSIC IS  THE TOPIC OF DISCUSSION. In 2021 alone, we've seen some of the entertainment industry's largest acts derive from the city. With the influx of music being released from Houston natives, it seems like this community of dreamers is just getting started. From Lou Ridley's alternative country record to Megan Thee Stallion on a K-Pop song (yes, you read that right), every performer from H-town is destined to be a trailblazer.

Here's what's new from Houston artists this week.

Lou Ridley, "Hometown"


Lou Ridley shares a new single and video for “Hometown.” The song, which is a genre Ridley coins “anti-country, country” tells the story of someone grappling with mixed feelings of missing home while still feeling like an outcast and isolated in her hometown. The song is inspired by Ridley's deep Texas roots, being born in Houston and raised right outside of Dallas. 

 BTS Featuring Megan Thee Stallion, "Butter Remix"


The "Tina Snow" rapper has always been proud of her love for anime and now the Thee Stallion has a new song with the iconic K-Pop group, BTS. The remix comes shortly after the original song "Butter" remained at No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for nine weeks. 

Doeman Dyna, "Ball Out"


The "Brown Soul" emcee showcases his acute lyricism in his latest song, "Ball Out." Doeman leans on heavy instrumentation and enlists Cypress Moreno and Flexin OTB for the production. 

Boss Life Big Spence and Siddiq, "Boss Life Worldwide"


The collaborative EP from Siddiq and Boss Life Big Spence is the perfect combination of California and Texas. The project features 3 tracks and a chopped and screwed version. 

Kirko Bangz, "PTSD"


The latest track from the "Drank In My Cup" rapper tells a story of progression and resilience. In an Instagram post Kirko Bangz shares that "no matter what you’ve been through, you gotta keep pushing. Let that pain let your past be your fuel. Don’t ever give up. Activate your troubles and make it double."

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