Here Are Ways to Support Trans Youth in Houston

Resources for those in need.

By Amarie Gipson

We’ve rounded up some resources for those in need. 

In the most recent episode of “What the **** is Going On in Texas," lawmakers put forth a non-binding opinion that would classify parents seeking gender-affirming care for trans adolescents as "child abusers." 

As most have read somewhere on the internet, Gov. Greg Abbott issued a letter encouraging teachers, doctors, and Texas citizens to report these parents. This notice comes months after another bill prohibiting trans kids from playing on their gender-affirming sports teams. 

Fortunately, the opinion and the letter have little legal grounds but still contribute to a repressive environment for members of the trans community.

But Texas is no stranger to questionable legislation. In 2021 alone, there was a ban on vaccine passports and abortions, a loosening of handgun possession, and curriculum changes that outlawed the teaching of slavery in social studies classes. Our beloved state has got some work to do. 

To inform and equip those in need, here's a list of groups and organizations in Houston that support trans and queer youth:

Hatch Youth

As the oldest group in Houston dedicated to protecting and serving trans youth, Hatch provides access to health information and fosters community through creative and mental wellness programming. Meetings take place weekly online and in-person at the Montrose Center. 

Mahogany Project and Save Our Sisters United

These nonprofits advocate for Black and BIPOC Trans communities to receive justice and social empowerment. The Mahogany Project was founded in 2017 to combat the stigmas surrounding Black trans individuals. Similarly, Save Our Sisters United highlights the issues that face both Black trans and cis women and bridges the gaps within each respective community. 

Organización Latina de Trans en Texas

Founded and led by trans, Latinx immigrant women, OLTT offers support and access in Spanish and English members of the trans community, undocumented and unhoused individuals, sex workers, along with legal support for those being detained in immigration centers. The initiative is headquartered in Houston and is seeking volunteers on an ongoing basis. 

Transgender Youth Support Group at The Montrose Center

This discussion-based peer support group is confidential and available for youth ages 13-20. Sessions are held weekly at the Montrose Center, Houston’s go-to community empowerment hub for LGBTQIA individuals and families. This support resource is part of the larger Hatch Youth social group.

Trans-Legal Aid Clinic Houston

TLACH is a legal aid group that offers resources for minors and adults in the fight to change their names and genders on legal documentation. The organization is run entirely by volunteer lawyers, law students and working professionals. 

For more information on other Texas-wide resource pools, visit the following sites: Texas Transgender Alliance Resource Transgender Education Network of Texas.

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