A Guide to the Best of Houston’s Museum District

Home to 18 museums, myriad green spaces, outdoor theaters, restaurants, bars, and the Houston Zoo, the Museum District is one of Houston’s top tourist destinations.

03/16/2023 By Meredith Nudo Edited by Daniel Renfrow


A Guide to the Best of Houston’s Rice Village

Home to some of the best restaurants, cafes, specialty stores, bars, and lots and lots of vino, Rice Village’s 16 blocks are a quintessential city experience.

03/09/2023 By Meredith Nudo Edited by Daniel Renfrow


A Guide to the Best of Downtown Houston

Home to world-class performing arts organizations, historic bars, and plenty of green space, Downtown Houston is one of the city’s best playgrounds.

02/23/2023 By Meredith Nudo Edited by Daniel Renfrow


A Guide to the Best of Houston’s Montrose Neighborhood

Home to endless galleries, art museums, vintage stores, coffee shops, and bars, Houston’s historic gayborhood is one of the city’s hottest areas.

02/09/2023 By Meredith Nudo


Our Favorite Houston Neighborhoods (Right Now)

Everything you need to know about Houston thriving neighborhoods right now: East End, Asiatown, Third Ward, Rice Village, The Heights, Downtown, Northside, Museum District, Montrose, Midtown

01/19/2023 By Meredith Nudo, Phoebe Gibson, and Reyes Ramirez Edited by Daniel Renfrow

Brunch Time

Spice Up Your Weekend at These Houston Brunch Spots

From flavorful huevos rancheros at La Guadalupana to savory bacon cheddar biscuits at Revival Market, brunch in Houston is decadent.

06/20/2022 By Megha McSwain and Meredith Nudo With Stephanie Bartels

Rise & Dine

The Best Breakfast Spots in Houston

Stop skipping breakfast and head for the most delicious spots in Houston.

06/20/2022 By Megha McSwain and Meredith Nudo

Private Schools

How COVID-19 Has Impacted Students With Neurological Disabilities

There's still plenty of work to be done.

10/12/2021 By Meredith Nudo

Food Insecurity

Houston Food Bank, St. Thomas Keeps the Good Going with Mobile Food Distribution Program

Students are showing up, while some look for help, as food inventory remains low.

06/09/2021 By Meredith Nudo

What a Rush!

Love Those Cotton Candy TikTok Videos? This Business Is Bringing the Sweet Treat to You

Sugar Swirls is whirling up tasty, homemade, pastel-colored joy in Pasadena.

04/07/2021 By Meredith Nudo

In the Time of Covid

One Organization Serves Unemployed Workers in More Ways than One

Furlough Kitchen Houston hands out meals twice a week to people in Greater Heights and Near Northwest.

08/11/2020 By Meredith Nudo

Kicked Into High Gear

Popular Beverage Producer Gives Local Food Businesses a Lift

Kickin' Kombucha is helping out small businesses through its distribution network.

06/23/2020 By Meredith Nudo

Fresh As Can Be

During Pandemic, Plant It Forward Memberships Soar

Can community-supported agriculture organizations scale as demand ramps up?

05/14/2020 By Meredith Nudo

A Little Going a Long Way

In The Woodlands, Foodies Are Giving Back to Restaurant Workers

A look at a community-based fundraiser doing good for hospitality professionals.

04/15/2020 By Meredith Nudo

Still, They Grow

Farms, Farmers Markets Resilient Through Pandemic

How local producers and providers are continuing to feed the community.

03/26/2020 By Meredith Nudo

Toad-ily Cool

When in Singapore, Hop on a Tour of Jurong Frog Farm

Get out of the bustling city, and tour an intriguingly sustainable frog farm.

02/06/2020 By Meredith Nudo

Salisbury Fields Forever

Is Stonehenge Worth It?

What to know before you go to this UNESCO World Heritage site.

10/28/2019 By Meredith Nudo

A Nutty Premise

Houston-Made Cashew-Based Yogurt Takes Off

Acaju is available in traditional and drinkable formats.

08/20/2019 By Meredith Nudo

Pedal Power

This Bike Tour Brews Up a Good Time

Want to really earn that beer? Tour de Brewery makes you work for that taproom visit.

07/02/2019 By Meredith Nudo


Why We Still Need Foodstagram

Beautiful plates can help open up a whole new world of flavors.

04/25/2019 By Meredith Nudo