Taqueria Thursday

Tasty Trip to Allende

Homemade Mexican food at fast food prices

By Paloma Lenz April 4, 2013


Taqueria Allende is a quaint little restaurant in a lime-green building on the corner of Broadway and Manchester in the East End, located not too far from the Port of Houston. On my first visit there, I decided to try asado de puerco.

Now, I've had my fair share of carne guisada in my time, eating it everywhere from quinceañeras and baby showers to birthday parties for every age. It's a great dish for feeding lots of people. To make it, dice up the meat and brown it in a deep pot before filling it with water and a spice mixture and cooking it on low. The longer the meat stews, the tenderer and tastier it becomes.

My asado was a rich, reddish-brown color thanks to the ancho chiles, and my mom had the hardest time not stealing a spoonful before I took my first bite. I was delighted by how tender the pork was--there's nothing worse than tough meat chunks in delicious gravy. But the perfectly spiced pork was the star, and rightly so. Every bite had me digging in for more. I followed a scoop of the pork with a piece of juicy red tomato and a few strings of iceberg lettuce, the perfect chasers for the warm, satisfying stew. The order came with three thin, fresh flour tortillas.

My grandma ordered the guisado de res. This beef dish could not have been more different from my pork one. Not only were the colors of the two preparations different (the beef was submerged in grayish-brown gravy), so were the tastes. I immediately detected bell papper, and as those who know me best can attest, that vegetable and I have a love-hate relationship. In my opinion, bell pepper can either make or break a dish, and in this case it didn't work. But, as my grandma likes to remind me, I don't know what's good.

Including a platillo of chicken flautas and our drink orders, our total was $30.92.


Taqueria Allende

903 Broadway St.

Houston TX 77012




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