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Huevos "Christmas"

Los Dos Amigos on Washington offers my favorite Tex-Mex breakfasts.

By Robb Walsh May 29, 2013

Los Dos Amigos on Washington Avenue is among my favorite spots for a Tex-Mex breakfast. But it's not just the artful blend of Chinese restaurant–supply plates and fake Fiestaware that keeps me coming back—the cooking is brilliant. This morning I got handmade flour tortillas, hand-cut fries, creamy refried beans, tender carnitas, and huevos divorciados. The eggs are "divorced" because they sit on opposite sides of the plate, one in red sauce and one in green. 

Los Dos Amigos
5720 Washington Ave
(713) 862-0462

This dish reminds me of a breakfast I had many years ago at the fabulous Horseman's Haven Cafe in Santa Fe, New Mexico. "Red, green, or Christmas," the waitress asked when I ordered huevos rancheros. I sat there looking stupid for a minute until the guy on the stool beside me at the counter explained: "Red" means red chile sauce, "green" means green chile sauce, and "Christmas" means half red and half green. Eager to sample both of New Mexico's famous chile sauces, I went for huevos Christmas—both sauces were muy picante.

Maybe Los Dos should consider renaming the plate. Christmas is so much more cheerful than divorce.

If you want to pick up a couple of quick breakfast tacos, Los Dos peddles them for $1.85 each. There is a two-taco minimum if you order yours custom-made with extra ingredients.

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