Sweet and Salty

French Lunch in the Heights

Crepes, salads and baked Camembert are the things to get at Sale-Sucre

By Robb Walsh May 17, 2013


The salad Jaco at Salé-Sucré I had for lunch today featured perfectly pan-fried scallops in olive oil with a green salad. The addition of caramelized onions brought a little sweetness to the vinaigrette-tossed greens. Sucre et salé is the French cooking term that describes the combination of sweet and salty flavors. Perhaps that's the inspiration for the name of the year-old Heights French restaurant.

Salé-Sucré is owned by chef Philippe Harel and his wife Béline. The restaurant describes itself as a crêperie and bakery. I sampled the spicy chicken crepe my lunch companion ordered and was impressed by the bold flavor of the chile pepper-spiked sauce. There's a baked Camembert dish on the menu at Salé-Sucré that I hope to try soon, if only because Chef Harel is descended from Marie Harel, the woman who invented Camembert cheese in the village of the same name in 1791.

Salé-Sucré is located at 2916 White Oak Boulevard, in the former location of the White Oaks Bakery.

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